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Thursday, July 1, 2010

In my next book...the office building will be the villain!

Good afternoon!

I love holiday weekends where the holiday is actually on the weekend. For the upcoming Independence Day, which is Sunday, we've got half the country off on Friday and the other, smarter half off on Monday. (*They're smarter because, well, beer and fireworks sort of go hand in blown off hand, right?) Now, I'm off on Monday, but my hubby is in the middle like many others, working a sucky job in a sucky business that stays open because the bossman thinks maybe someone is going to buy a car. (Right, nothing says Independence quite like nailing yourself down to a 5 year car loan.)
But I digress.

Those of you who follow me on facebook (and who isn't following me on facebook? I'm so completely interesting minute by minute! LOL!) you have read my office building updates. It started out with the road in front of the office getting torn up. Then, after the road crews destroyed a water main in front of the building, I realized that they'd awakened some sort of building demon and since then the office building has NOT been a normal place to be.

For example, toilets either flush endlessly and flood, or they lose all power and you have to flush three times to get a tissue down. Or, the delightful urine scent that smacks you in the face every morning. It's gone by noon...but still. Then there's the mood lighting in the morning. Some days the interior lights are on. Some days not. And some days they come on at about 10.

I could go on like this, but really, then you wouldn't buy the book, would you? (Which reminds you have YOUR copy of "dream in Color?" You know you can get it at or or COME ON!!!!!!!! Buy the book so I can escape the clutches of this haunted building!

Meanwhile, have a happy, safe 4th of July! Hug a veteran...remember how we got all the freedoms we have and never forget, they can be taken away, given the political climate of late...treasure your freedoms, thank those that help give them to you, and protect them with your vote! I love the 4th of's so completely American. Fireworks, noise, parades, ice cream, beer, Snow cones, more fireworks...all during a lovely hot summer night. It's one of my favorite holidays.

And to all my international friends out there, just have a great weekend!

And as always...go forth and WRITE!

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