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Monday, June 28, 2010

Book signing aftermath

Good morning!

Wow!  This has been a tremendous weekend for writing!  First of all, I had the book signing which went far better than I expected.

Okay, I frightened away the first prospective buyer, mostly because I'd loaded up on a tad too much expresso before the signing, but from there on it went well.

Bear in mind, I'm not Stephen King or John Grisham.  My definition of success at  book signing involved whether or not people I didn't know bought the book.  And four people  I didn't know bought my book!

Now, four people I did know, people who belong to my church, also bought my book! (I, of course, am waiting for them to run me out of the church on a rail.  Maybe something involving tar and feathers...)  What always amazes me is that older folks will support people they know no matter what it is.  I hope I don't offend anyone, seriously.  That said, I did point out several times that it's a work of FICTION!  (Something you should always point out, especially if you use someone's name and then friend them on Facebook.)

Then Saturday I was in Madison for my fantastic Mad City Romance writers meeting.  Ann Voss-Peterson, a very talented author, gave a talk on keeping the ROMANCE in a ROMANCE novel.  What I found really helpful was her handouts.  Basically, I have mentally added fifty pages to "7/8ths Time" and I can't wait to get a minute to write them in reality.

Spent the rest of the weekend with my friend and critique partner, Linda, swapping writing ideas and eating far too many calories.  I think one of the funniest points of the weekend was Saturday night at dinner.  We'd just seen "Letters to Juliet" and were enjoying a lovely dinner at Olive Garden.  When we'd left the theater, both in tears, I might add, we agreed it was a good movie.  However, over Olive Garden salad, we picked out no less than ten things in the movie that were the result of weak writing.  ("Juliet" replaces "Tristan and Isolde" as the movie with the WORST last line.)

Apparently I've reached a point in my movie viewing life where I can no longer just watch a movie.  I have to see it as a writer.  I haven't reached a point where I've been able to see the ending before it happens (I used to go to movies with a writer friend of mine and she'd always say, "I know how this is going to end" about six minutes into the movie.)  but I do make mental notes of writing gaps in the plot.

All in all, a great weekend for me as a writer.  Ya gotta have one of those every so often!

Now I'm off to clear my desk so I can write again!

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