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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting a rejection isn't the just feels a little like it.

Hello all!

So I got the rejection for "Lies in Chance" that I was sort of waiting for. The agent was really quite nice, but the end result was the same. "Thanks, no thanks."

So, is this the end? Have I finally reached the last attempt to publish the story of my heart? Not a chance! For as bummed as I was Saturday when I got the email, I've had a couple days to sort of absorb it, and I realize this isn't the end.

J. A. Konrath has been a HUGE influence on me since I heard him speak a number of weeks ago. I've been watching things he's done as recently as last week, and I'm in awe. Going digital has so many plus sides.

The biggest of which is that my mother will probably NEVER read anything else I write since every conversation my kids have with her about iPods or texting ends with, "It's magic, Grandma. Just magic."

So now, it's official, my friends. I'm looking to the horizon and I'm taking this rejection and I'm going to build on it. And I guess, maybe my best friends and family won't read my work...and maybe that's okay. Maybe I've shocked them enough with "Dream in Color." Maybe I'm meant to simply tell my stories to those who don't know me.

And if that's the case, color me ready!

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