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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scores: Hubby 1, Fridge 1: Heroine 1, Author, 0

It's a tie, I guess.

If you read my post yesterday , you know that our refrigerator starting not working so well last week. Well, last night, The Husband pulled the beast away from the wall and spent a good couple of hours vacuuming out the back of the Beast. We all know that removing the dust from the coils is something we're supposed to do...and how many of us do it? Really?

Our fridge came with the house we bought almost four years ago. While it's not new, it's certainly not that old. But, opening the back panel up and looking at the great mousy clumps of dust back there, we're pretty sure cleaning it has never, ever been done.

So, after a couple hours of sucking and, after a trip to Target for some canned air, blowing, the fridge is working...better. It's not super cold but at least things aren't going to spoil at an accelerated rate.

Meanwhile, I have a wrestling match of my own to contend with. The heroine of my short story desperately wants to be in love with someone she's NOT SUPPOSED TO LOVE! Of course, the storyline requires the she kiss this guy, but now she's in love with him! THIS ISN'T GOOD!

The bigger problem is that I'm writing a series of short stories, of which this is one, based on my novel "Lies in Chance." Sort of a series of prequels. Which means the futures of these characters is already determined. And no, I'm not rewriting the novel! (Again.) So Jo is NOT going to fall in love with Bryan, no matter how much she wants to.

As writers you know this problem all too well. I certainly had my issues with "Dream in Color." (By the you have your copy yet?) Ramona wanted one thing, I wanted the other. In the end, we both won. You wrestle with your characters and sometimes you get them to fit your storyline and sometimes your storyline marches off in a new path. It's a ride, and writers are never fully in control of the steering wheel.

So, for now, Jo gets to be a little in love with Bryan. For now. Two more pages and she's going to take a cold shower or something and she's going to fall in love with Drew and that's that.

Or so I think...

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