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Friday, April 23, 2010

Edit, edit, edit SUBMIT!

Good morning!

Well friends, I've got a story finally ready for submission to The Wild Rose Press. I'm pretty excited about it because it's a shorter story, which, for me, is something of an accomplishment. I was able to tell a story in under 30, 000 words!

Editing a shorter story is a challenge because I really, really want to add, add, add! I want to add characters, add a storyline, add actions. Recalling my early days with "Dream in Color" when I sent it out at 40,000 words and getting all sorts of rejections because it was too short, I now always want to add.

Selling short stories is a great way to get your toes wet in the publishing world. Granted, agents and book publishers aren't exactly turning handsprings over short stories, but the magazine and epub markets are wide open. Yesterday was Earth Day, and while I'm hardly a tree hugging environmentalist, I do think we need to treat our planet a little more gently. One way is going the e pub route. Granted, book downloads will probably never take the place of print books. But, in this Ipod generation, carrying multiple books in a machine the size of a steno notepad is not only a good idea, it's almost a must.

With the demand for a faster turn around, again the Ipod generation at work, epubs are looking for new material. It still has to be good material, but there's more room in the electronic world for stories that are shorter than novel length.

There are almost countless epubs out there, so remember one very important thing: You should NEVER pay anyone to publish your book or story. They pay you.
(Unless you're working through a self publish or vanity press, which is a different beast entirely.) An agent should NEVER ask for money up front. They get paid based on what you make. Keep these two things in mind when looking for an agent or an epublishing editor and you'll be a happy camper!

So I'm off to submit a story, and I'm very excited. The high of being published can't be matched! I need another high!

Have a great weekend all! And don't forget to WRITE!

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