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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monty Python had it right!

Good morning!

Whew! This is a super busy week. It's Christian Education week at The Girl's school and I'm loaded up with volunteering events all week long. THEN, Saturday I have to take The Girl to see My Grandmother for a school project THEN we've got a cheer leading banquet on Sunday, in addition to the usual Sunday School whoop de dooooo...

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be working full time AND cranking out short stories for The Wild Rose Press. (I got one's under consideration at the moment. One down, two to go!)
What's a fiction writer to do when her real life crashes into her writing time?

It's the big question we all face, isn't it? We all have busy lives. I don't know a single writer who isn't working/raising kids/volunteering/being superhuman every day. Yet, some folks are far more productive than others. How is that possible?

I ask myself that every day, and, since I have yet to invent the 27 hour day, the only thing I can come up with is this: Discipline.

It takes discipline to write every single day. I don't have that discipline yet, but I am working on it. A writer writes. Every day.

Easier said than done, though right? Everything gets in the way. Everything. Work, kids, bills, school, church, your favorite TV show, whatever, it all piles up and crushes you until you think you don't have another second in the day to breath.

So no, I don't write fiction every day. I don't work on my stories every day. What I do is I write SOMETHING every day. Maybe I blog on one day. Maybe I sit down and write out a query letter. But every day I do something, even if it's for a few minutes, that keeps my mind on writing.

Once you get into a groove of thinking about your writing every day, you'll be amazed just how fast you get yourself to the words, "THE END" of your story.

Another thing that's really boosted my writing production is I jump between projects. This is something I've done for years. Maybe I'm sick of editing one thing. So I take a day and work on a title, or create a back story, or jot down some notes on a different story. The great gents in Monty Python's Flying Circus started out every show with the line, "And now for something completely different." The boys were brilliant. Keeping that thought in mind will keep your create juices flowing, even if you're stalled on one project.

So my friends, today I probably won't get to the short story I wanted to work on. But I took ten minutes and got this out there. I'm hoping that I've inspired you...but I'm also hoping I've inspired myself.

And now, for something completely different!

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