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Friday, January 8, 2010

One week down...and already this year is flying by!

Hello all!

I'm closing up shop for the week and I can't help but notice just how fast 2010 seems to be moving. It's can't possibly be the 8th already, can it?

The phrase, "Time flies when you're having fun," isn't quite complete. Yes, time seems to move faster when you're doing something you enjoy, like spending a day at Great America, or watching a really good movie. And time does seem to drag when you're doing something you don't enjoy, like shopping with the mother-in-law or listening to a really, really long sermon at church.

But time also flies when you're way, way, WAY busy and you have a deadline you must meet.

So I have this self imposed deadline to finish "7/8ths Time" by the end of the month. If I could stay at home and write all day, this would be a stretch, but as it is, I work a full time job, so writing gets pushed aside. And, now that it's the 8th of the month, time is flying faster and faster.

Will I finish? I don't know. But I'm going to give it my best try. And the best part about that is, if I don't finish, I'll be darn close. Maybe I don't enter the contest I want to on the 7th of February, but this push will get me closer to my goal of getting a second book published.

Have a great weekend all and do something that makes your time fly!


  1. And of course, you're still much further than I will be in the near future. I really need to figure out which box contains all of my drafts so I can cull the ripe bits and get something of value into cyberspace (since posting on the Unfinished Novel blog is far easier than finishing something.)

    Now stop reading this comment and get back to writing!

  2. Hey Elliott: You know I'm waiting impatiently for you to finish your brilliant book! I think about it more often than you'd think.

  3. Which would mean, then, that you think about it more often than I do...