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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking for an open window...possibly from which to push Bossman!

Good morning all.

I know it's been some days since I've checked in, but there's a good reason. On Saturday night my husband announced, quite casually, that he'd lost his job on Friday.

How does one "lose" a job? Can't he just retrace his steps and find it?

Turns out, that, in spite of more than a decade of faithful service, and in spite of the facts that his body shop's numbers were the highest in the company and his customer service rating was highest in the company, he simply wasn't moving quickly enough on some initiative. Of course, this was an intiative for which he'd had only partial training and which, of course, there was no time table.

How does one move too slowly on something that has no timetable?

If you smell a rat, you're not alone. We believe that his 20 something assistant will ultimately get his job. It's not her fault, this is pure coporate b---s---. Still, it's worth a phone call to our local employment lawyer, doncha think?

But none of that matters. What matters is that we have, in one swift move, lost our household income, and our health and dental insurance.

There was no warning, there was no thought that this was a possibility. When they hired the assistant, I had that niggling worry that this would be the case, but hubby insisted that the company was finally giving him the help he needed.

Yeah, we should have smelled a rat then...this is a company that's more interested in the bottom line for its owners than in treating their employees with any sort of human decency.

So now, Wednesday, I am facing some cold hard facts.

1) Unemployment will pay a mere 40% of what hubby was making.

2) Cobra is very expensive, but we have kids...we can't go without insurance.

3) Evil Bossman now has me tightly in his power...and he knows it.

I am struggling to trust that God is going to open a window now that this door is closed. Hubby and I had no large designs on a life of wealth. We wanted a simple life with friends and family, make sure our children are educated and given opportunities to move forward on their own two feet, and maybe, maybe be able to retire some time after we turn 80. We were paying our bills, and this was the year we were going to start really putting away a bit of money here and there.

Slam the door on that.

Meanwhile, Evil Bossman, who on Monday was very supportive and sympathetic, decided on Tuesday that since I have no choice but to stay where I am for next while, he would be extra ass hole ish toward me, and then shout at me about how my pissy attitude wasn't acceptable in the workplace. (Seriously. I've put in a days' worth of overtime this week, for which I will not be paid, but the first thing he says to me yesterday is "Your coffee pot is dirty." Ya think? Well, that does happen when there's COFFEE IN IT!)

So God, if you're listening up there, please help hubby find a job soon and please give me the strength not to push Bossman out that window You promise!

Meanwhile, I'm marking time until "Dream" comes out on 3-19. Something good has to come out of all this, right?


  1. Whatever positive karma I can muster is headed your way. Personally, my retirement plan involves sudden internal exsanguination from a burst vessel of cranial note while sitting at my desk.

  2. Thanks, Elliott. Yeah, right now retirement is a joke for us. And that green path you see in those commericials for Fidelity? Well, I guess ours is strewn with broken glass and dog doo. But life goes on, right?