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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sometimes found candy is better than cash!

Good afternoon!

I should be writing! Blogging is not writing, they tell me at Mad City Romance...I should be writing.

But I just pushed "Send" on a query for "Shara's Chance" and I'm exhausted. I know, it seems like a ridiculously simple thing, pushing "send." I remember a time, not so long ago, when submitting a query was a arduous task involving big envelops, lots of postage, and that mystical thing, the "SASE." Now, submitting a query is literally as easy as pushing "send."

Still, the idea of sending your work out into the stratosphere to be judged and rejected by strangers is scary. I don't know that it gets easier, unless maybe you have a couple dozen novels sitting on bookshelves.

While visions of rejection emails danced in my head this afternoon, I was craving chocolate. I'm a stress eater, and chocolate is my general drug of choice. (Although, like my good friend Elliott, I love bacon. I recall one ill advised evening during college when a friend and I ate our way through a pound of bacon simply because we couldn't find anything else to eat.)

Anyway since I'm at work and since Bossman is such a jerk about people who weigh more than ten pounds, I don't keep a lot of food here. I have a cup of yogurt in my tiny, tiny desk top fridge, but that's mostly for show. I don't think it's even safe to eat. And I do not keep chocolate here. No way. Not since I know he goes through my garbage and then recites the caloric content of my snack food. (And yes, he does admit to this.)

But joy of joys! I found a roll of Rolo candy that I forgot I'd even bought! There it was at the bottom of my purse! I couldn't have been happier if I were Indiana Jones and I stumbled upon the most amazing relic!

So now, with chocolate and caramel in my tummy, and my blog on my site, I'm going to happily spend the last hour of the day ignoring phone calls from Bossman and finish a chapter in my newest work in progress!

Happy writing all!


  1. I have an apple on my desk, that's it. Looks like I should have waited longer to go to lunch.

  2. I hate sending out queries, too. I much prefer the email versions, because all the envelopes and such was tedious work.

    Of course, it's easier to ignore an email, I've discovered.

  3. I do like the ease of email queries. I'm doing a lot more querying now that I don't have to fill out addresses and whatnot.