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Monday, October 19, 2009

Learning to plot in all the wrong places!

Good morning!

I'm especially jazzed to get my real life work out of the way today so that I can play with my brand new tarot cards!

I can hear some of you sucking in your breath...tarot cards? Me? I'm pretty much the most anti mystical person you're going to meet. So why the shiny new deck of tarot cards?

Well, let me tell you...I spent my Saturday morning with the fine folks of the Mad City Romance Writers group. (Ah , the Middleton have no idea how much talent you host one Saturday morning a month!) The presentation, which was BRILLIANT, incorporated the use of tarot cards in the process of character building and plotting.

I discovered a couple of things:

1) There's a deck of tarot cards for everyone on the planet. I liked the "Mad Men" Don and Betty Draper-esque 50's deck, but the renaissance kitties were cute, too.

2) There are writers who buy a deck of tarot cards before starting a new book.

3) Whether you believe in the tarot (I don't) or not, using these cards for character building ROCKS!

I managed to outline characters and build a plot for a project that's been rattling around in my head for YEARS, but just hasn't translated to actual words. Now I have an outline, characters, and all that in the span of a two hour meeting!

I found a really pretty, bright colored deck that will inspire me for a couple of projects, I'm sure. Meanwhile, I'm going to go on a quest. If they've got Renaissance Kittens, I'm hoping to find a Rick Springfield or David James Elliott deck.

Now THAT'S what I call inspiration!


  1. Ah, sweet inspiration. I was just told about this last week:

    One of my new co-workers just finished his first draft from the book he started writing last year, just in time to partake of this year's project. It won't happen this year for me, since I'm on the road for two of the four weeks (at least...) but I'm going to shoot for November 2010.

  2. I've heard about nanowrimo...I have to check it out! And yes, you should get back to writing. Your novel is too brilliant to NOT be shared!

  3. Nanowrimo is a complete waste of time. I've done it three times, and all of them left with a...meh feeling.

    On the other hand, I might try this Tarot character-building. That could be fun.

  4. Hi indefatigable mjenks! Yes, the tarot thing is really pretty awesome. I've been stuggling with that storyline and characters for a couple of years, writing a chapter, then shelving the project, and now I'm eager to get my current WIP done so I can move on to that one!