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Friday, October 23, 2009

If I have enough symptoms of the H1N1, can I go back to bed?

Good afternoon!

I'm slugging it out here at work, trying really hard not to fall asleep at my desk. I have the beginning of a really serious cold. Keep me away from old people and infants because my head is about to explode and it isn't gonna be pretty!

All I really want is to go home, pop in a JAG season into the DVD player and pull the covers up over my head. What I'm faced with is my boss is leaving me right at the start of the holiday insanity, to go bask himself in Argentina for ten days. He says he's going to look for yet another vacation house. I hope he chokes on his $40 leather coat that he says he's going to buy.

Yeah, and I haven't gotten a raise in three years. I'm not evening getting paid what he told me he was going to pay me when I started.

I believe I'll be spending next week, when I'm not dealing with wholesale customers ad naseum, looking for a new gig. The whole point to this stupid job was that I would have time to write. Yeah...that hasn't happened in three months and it's not going to happen now.

So, folks, I'm fairly computer literate, I can run Quickbooks, I don't steal from my employer, and I always show up for work. (Believe me...I should be home in bed right now!) Anyone hiring? I'll work at home...I can answer phone calls like the wind! (Not that the wind would actually call me...but you know what I mean.) I've worked from home before....for twelve years.


Oh, and have a groovy weekend!

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