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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fashion Tip Tuesday: Obviously people haven't been listening!

Good morning all!

So it's now officially NOT summer here in Wisconsin, and folks are putting away their summer clothes. Given the fact that Wisconsin is typically one of that fattest states, that's a good thing. (Hey, I'm a fluffy girl...I know I shouldn't be running around in spandex bike shorts and a tube top!) That's the good news.

The bad news is that, now that it's cooler outside (We had FROST yesterday morning) people are wearing long pants...or should I say, LONG LOUNGE PANTS!

Granted, it was "Pajama" day at my daughter's school. (THey are having spirit week...each day has a theme.) So there were a lot of kids in lounge pants. But our fourth grade teacher, a single guy in his late 30's...he was also wearing lounge pants. COME ON! Jammies are one thing, getting into the spirit is one thing. But a grown man should NOT admit to owning a pair of cartoon character lounge pants AND A GROWN MAN SHOULD NEVER WEAR THEM IN PUBLIC!

Then, on my very short drive home yesterday I counted no less than seven lounge pants offenders.

Folks, seriously, lounge pants with cartoon characters are great for hanging out at the house, or maybe going to some sort of themed party. But not for wearing to the grocery store or the mall! Really, they are comfortable...but they cling to all those rolls and bumps and lumps on your hips and thighs. Sure, those size two teen girls wear them all the time, and get away with it. These are the same girls who wear the teeny tiny bikinis to the pool. And you know I've always said, "Just because they make a size 22 bikini does not mean you should wear a size 22 bikini."

Remember, this comes from a place of love...I'm a big girl myself. I'm guilty of some fairly lazy fashion. I'm waiting for the day that pair from "What Not to Wear" shows up at my door and tells me that no women in her 40's should wear a t-shirt that says "Princess." (That would eliminate a goodly part of my wardrobe.)

Now, with the onset of winter weather, some folks are trying to "dress up" their lounge clothes. Let me just answer a couple of questions before anyone asks: No, wearing matching sweat pants with a sweatshirt does NOT constitute an "outfit." It makes you look like a very large bean bag chair with feet. And no, you should NOT wear the shiny, rhinestone laden track suit. Not unless you're 80 and live in Phoenix, Miami, or are on your way to Bransen.

Come on, there are tons of styles and cuts for blue jeans. I've managed to find several that fit me comfortably, and if I've managed that, the rest of the fashion phobic out there can too. Wisconsin already takes a lot of heat from other states. We come off as being fat, uneducated, backwords hicks. Do we really need to add "outrageous slobs" to that list?

So, to sum up: Winter weather coming, jeans and sweatshirt good. Sweat pants and sweatshirt, bad. Cartoon characters on your pants...NEVER good. (And that goes for those Zuba the game in the privacy of your home, or, if you MUST, wear them to a game. But do not force the rest of us to see you in the grocery store with your floppy, dizzying pants.

And finally, just because something is super comfy doesn't mean it's appropriate for outside. There are a lot of people who think being naked is the most comfy of all.

At least the crew from "What Not To Wear" wouldn't have to bring as many garbage cans!

Have a great day all!


  1. First, you are not, as you referred to yourself, a 'big girl'. Period.

    Second, I am opposed to the loungewear in public as a general rule, but this falls FAR down the list of fashion faux-pas's's...what is plural for that? Les fauxs-pas? Boy, that 8 years of French is really serving me well.

    Anyway, before I got off on that tangent, I have issue with the shorts that young males hold up so they align with the bottom...YES, BOTTOM...of the boxers. And then the bony little twig guys who insist on holding their shirt up while they walk along so we can check out their abs.

    Because half-shirts are out.

  2. Oh believe me, I'm all over that pants around the thighs look. If I were a better runner, I'd chase one of those idiots just long enough for their pants to fall down. hey, show off the abs, just don't do it by pulling down your pants! LOL!

    Oh, and I'm big enough, just ask Bossman. LOL! (No worries, though, my goal is to knock everyone's socks off by this time next year!)