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Friday, August 28, 2009

An interest in my son's education is a normal is!

Good morning!

So I went the open house at The Boy's high school last night. Went around meeting all eight of his teachers. Got a bit of a reality check when meeting his geometry and Spanish teachers. They are half my age and a third my weight. When did they let high school students teach high school students?

I didn't do the open house last year. The Husband did. So walking around the maze of hallways (the school was built in the seventies when "open concept" was big. After a while they decided that walls were somewhat important. Now the school resembles one of those mazes they send mice through.)looking for classrooms I realized two things:

1) I'm so glad I'm not in high school anymore.

2) The Boy is to this school as Norm was to Cheers.

Everywhere I went, if The Boy was nearby (He tried to avoid me the whole evening) I would hear a cheer go up..."Peter!" Teachers who knew him praised him, and chuckled at the idea of having him in class again this year. My biggest thought on the evening was, "This is the same kid that slams his door, never makes his bed, and practices his electric guitar LOUDLY at ten thirty at night?"

I had a fun conversation with the English teacher (Who was neither an infant, nor a super model, so I didn't feel like a complete continent standing next to her.) We were discussing books and I casually mentioned I had a book coming out. For those of you who have sold your first book, you know just how much self control that takes to not do a cartwheel when you say the words, "My book is coming out in April." She told me she'd LOVE to have me guest lecture sometime. That won't humiliate the boy at all! LOL!

It took me a couple hours to check off of the teachers on the list, and finally I was on the hunt for the last one, The Boy's Advisory (Homeroom) teacher. This was a new teacher, and he wasn't in the room he was supposed to be in, so I started sticking my head into classrooms asking for Mr. P---.

On my third attempt, someone took pity on me and pointed me towards a man leaning casually on a desk.

And there he was....

Possibly the most handsome person I've ever met in real life. (And I've met two of my big heart throbs...) Slim, dark haired, tan skinned. Nice looking guy.

And then he started to speak.


I'm thinking that I'll be taking a big interest in The Boy's education this year...that might mean a lot of meetings with his Advisory teacher....

Have a groovy weekend kids!

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  1. AUSTRALIAN ACCENT! - Holy Crap - That' freaking rocks!!!!!!!