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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm always blown away...

Good morning!

It never ceases to amaze me just how connected we are, thanks to the Internet (another topic covered in "Dream in Color," BTW). After my post yesterday about David James Elliott, I got several responses both publicly and privately, regarding my request for roles where he's a bad guy. Turns out, he's just a really, really good guy. (sigh) Guess that's why it's called fiction, kids! LOL!

So I got another rejection for "Shara's Chance" yesterday. It's fine. The great part about electronic rejections is that you just file it and never have to look at it again. So I move on. Dream is coming out, Shara is in the marketing pipeline and "7/8ths" is in the first draft process. For those of you who write, you know that this is a busy, busy place for me to be in.

But does it all dry up? Is it true that an author really only has one story in them? I think Emily Bronte and Margaret Mitchell might say yes. (Although Margaret did write another book, which was published after her death.) But if that book is a landmark, then who cares? I thought, when I started writing at the ripe old age of 14, that I had one book in me. I would write it and then be done because I'd be fabulously rich from that one Great American Novel.

How stupid was I? LOL!

It never occurred to me that I had another story in me beyond "Shara" until I started "Dream."
And now I have ideas for maybe half a dozen books.

So, all you writers out there, take heart...the ideas will come, they will be there. All you have to do is put them to paper!

In the meantime, does anyone know if DJE's movie, "The Storm" can be had on DVD?

Have a great and groovy kind of day!


  1. What is 7/8ths? Why have I not heard of this?

  2. It's my newest foray into fiction. The heroine is a newly widowed woman in her mid thirties. The hero is a DJ in Nashville who may, or may not, have murdered her husband, even though her husband's death (crushed by a hydraulic lift in his auto shop) was ruled a suicide and therefore widow gets no money to live on. Did I mention there's a vengeful, and powerful ex wife roaming about? The title, and original version of the book, was inspired by a liner note on a "New Minstrel Revue" cd talking about a song that's set in 7/8s time. The original version was set at a Renaissance Faire, but early critiques were...less than steller. So I've changed it all completely and now it's a romantic suspense.