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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sneak Peak Saturday: Love is Enticing

Good morning! 

For those of you not aware, I released a short romance this week.  It's part of my Rock Harbor short romance series, "Love is Enticing."  Those of you who have read "Lies in Chance" will recognize these short romances as a sort of prequel to the novel.

Today I'm sharing a snippet from "Love is Enticing."  Enjoy!

             Jennifer was quiet on the drive to Bryan’s place. So much happened, she needed to process everything before she was in a new situation, this time at Bryan’s, and then at Joanna’s.
            Bryan loves me. He said it.
            Jennifer was surprised at just how pleased this fact made her. What started as a game in a hotel bar, then a desperate grab for survival, had now become a steamy romance and knowing that Bryan loved her was a cherry at the top. Many men had loved her physically. None had spoken the actual words.
            Her story had enough truthful elements that even she almost believed herself by the end. Why not make Richard an abusive boyfriend? It’s not like he’ll ever have me back in his life again, last night was definitely good-bye to that. She hated that he’d tracked her down and drove up to tell her to stop calling him. His relationship with Shara Brandy was precarious, he told her, and she, Jennifer, was a roadblock to his real goal. Sleeping together had more to do with her promise to leave him alone if he did.  She hated that.  She also hated the fact that the sex just hadn’t been that great.
            She suspected Bryan saw something thanks to the half open curtains. She was nothing if not resourceful.  She knew if Bryan burst in on Richard and her, he’d be furious and leave her for good. But seeing a tiny bit before the lights went out, Jennifer knew, would make Bryan walk away only long enough to realize he had to come back. 
And, thanks to his tiny glimpse, Bryan was sold on her story of  a stalker boyfriend and so the women who seemed to be her biggest problem, Molly and Jo, would eventually be sold as well. It seemed important, now that she knew Bryan was in love with her, that Molly and Jo like her as well.
            I’ll own this town in six months.

            The thought pleased her, but not as much as Bryan’s declaration of love.  That kept playing in her head all the way to his house.

You can purchase Love is Enticing in print by clicking here!  If you read your books on a device of any kind, Love is Enticing is available at all online outlets, especially amazon!

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