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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just call me a proud Mama!

Good morning!

So this is Mother's Day weekend...and if you want to hear my Mother's Day rant, go on over to It Can Only Happen To Sarah and check that out.

But here, as an author and more importantly a writer, I want to brag a bit about my son, Peter Bradley.

Peter finished high school early a bit more than a year ago.  Since then, he's struggled, as many kids his age do these days, with what he wanted to do.  At 19, there's a lot of pressure to just KNOW what you're going to be and then GO TO COLLEGE and be that. I'm almost 46, and I've known since I was five what I wanted to do with my life.  It just took me until I was 42 to figure out how to make any money doing it.

So Peter has spent some time traveling, working, really thinking about what direction he wants to go.  But most of all...the boy has been writing.

The fact that he has an interest in writing came as a complete revelation to me a year ago when I made the rounds at his school to thank his teachers.  His English teacher that year, a younger fellow who reminds me entirely too much of Harry Potter, told me that Peter should NOT take a long time out of school and that he should be writing books.

I was shocked.

I was also excited and proud.

When I was in high school, everyone knew I liked to write stories.  But no one, not one of my Language Arts teachers, which included my FATHER, ever told me I should be writing anything.  Maybe it was because it was a small parochial school, and the teachers there knew nothing other than other teachers...which is probably why my parents forced me to become a teacher.  Who knows why no one said, "She should be writing." 

In that moment, when that teacher talked to me about my son, it was as if I was seeing the boy for the very first time.  And the surprised did not end there.

It turns out, Peter is a bit of a poet...and has been sharing his poetry online for a couple years, with some success.  One of his friends told me his blog is followed by a lot of younger women.  (Which answers the question, "How do you know all these girls?"  I've been asking him that for two years.)

Well, that brings me to my Mother's Day brag:  My son, the poet, has just released his first book!

A Collection of Writing from Under my Sheets can be purchased for your Kindle or in print at Amazon or at Createspace.  I can't tell you how excited I am to hold this book in my hands.  It's like giving birth all over''s a grandbaby book!

So all you moms out there...does your kid seem to be hiding in his or her room a lot?  Never fear...maybe they're writing a book!

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