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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Bit of Shameless Promotion!

Good morning all!

So you all know I currently have three books out there in the world just waiting for you the purchase.  But I've noticed while Amazon seems to be the biggest marketplace for authors such as I, that many of you might want an alternative to the Kindle e-book.

Have no fear!  You can shop at Createspace, which is yes, an arm of Amazon, but it's the home to print on demand copies of books written by people like me.

If you order directly from Createspace, your favorite indie author gets paid a larger royalty.  I'm telling you this because hey, we working authors need every penny we can get and ordering directly through Createspace actually cuts out the Amazon middle man.

So, here are the direct links to my books:

Click here to purchase Fresh Ice!

 Click here to purchase Dream in Color!

Enjoy the read!  And then go forth and write!


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