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Friday, February 11, 2011

VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday is a double dip downer for me next week.  I'm not a Monday person, and I'm not big on the whole Valentine's Day experience.  My most memorable Valentine's was the first year we were married, I decided to leave for work early, take the back roads to the nearest grocery store and get my new husband a card.  What I got was a spin out on new ice, hitting two trees and landing our brand new Honda Accord in about 2 feet of snow.

That said, I'm of course a HUGE proponent for love.  Love conquers all, right?  (Boy it better, otherwise, what am I doing in the romance writing business?)

So I'm guest blogging on Sunday over at a couple happy places here on the web.  Take a look there to your right...yes your right.  You see those two black boxes with hearts on them?  Go ahead, click.  It's okay.  Go check out that blog.  There were be a ton of guest authors at both blogs on Saturday and Sunday.  My posts hit at 8 AM and at 1 PM.  It's a great opportunity to see what other authors are doing, to read about romance, and to maybe, maybe win a NOOK!

Now you can't lose, can you?

See you over at Goddess Fish and Long and Short of It...go ahead, click on the black boxes with the hearts.  You'll never win if you don't take a look at the blog!

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