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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And just like that...inspiration hits!

Good morning! 

Sorry I've been absent of late.  At some point a couple weeks ago, I got my muse back and I've been joyfully spewing words onto pages endlessly.

Usually I can't point to any one thing that gets me going after a long writing hiatus.  This time around, however, I can.  Two things happened that got my creative juices flowing.  1)  I found this picture

Most of you will recognize this as the very talented actor, David James Elliott.  But to me...he's Quinn, the hero of my book "7/8ths Time."    I've found other pictures in the past that depict the mental image I have of Quinn, but this one is special.   There's something about DJE's eyes (and I've love been a fan of his "eye acting.") that says to me, "WRITE THE DARN BOOK ALREADY!

The other thing that happened was a bit less intangible.  I met with a personal trainer.  One of the things I'm doing this year, come heck or high water  (I know, but my kids read this blog sometimes...) is I'm going to lose a significant amount of weight.  By significant I mean the equivalent of a sturdy third grader.  So I met with a personal trainer.  I've met with this guy before.  (If you'd like to read about that, check out It Can Only Happen to Sarah!)

Sitting there admitting to him that I was a compulsive liar when it came to my weight and that I needed help with my Cheetos addiction, I said something that hit me like lightning. 

"I wish I would just start writing again.  I don't eat when I write."


So, my friends, I'm thrilled to announce that in the past week I've written 10,000 words and lost somewhere between 2 and 3 pounds.  A drop in the bucket on both fronts, but definitely a great start!

So if I'm missing from the blogging business for a while, please forgive me.  I'm really hoping to have a completed  AND PUBLISHED novel by year's end...and when I announce it I'm hoping to wear the Rick Springfield T-shirt I bought at the last concert that I knew I hadn't a prayer of wearing until I lost some weight.  It's hanging in my closet right now, mocking me, but I will prevail!

Meanwhile, the rest of you...go forth and WRITE!


  1. Good luck! I need a personal trainer too! And I need to write! Inspire me?!

    xo Susie

  2. SUSIE! good to hear from ya! All I can say is, don't just stare at a blank page. Play music (RICK music of course!) read a bood, watch a movie that gets your creative juices flowing! Good luck!