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Monday, October 11, 2010

Well, Mom did ask for it!

Good morning all!
I've been out of commission since Thursday because of my uncle's funeral in Minnesota. Therefore, I have no wild words of wisdom because I haven't exactly been focused on writing this past weekend.

That said, I did spend some serious quality time with my mother in a car. For those of you who know me, you know my relationship with my mother is...interesting. She's always supported my writing...provided it didn't get in the way of the multiple family responsibilities she seems to enjoy piling on me. Oh, and provided I write what she wants to read. (Read here: Not stories that involves salty language, love scenes, or anything that smacks of fiction because, in her opinion, the only thing I'm really good at writing is my humor, slice of life stuff.)

To that end, then, I did share with the world wide web, my travels back from the funeral home with my parents. I think you'll all enjoy it. And Mom can't say a word because, hey, she ASKED FOR IT! LOL!
So hop on over to my humor site:  And check out the type of writing my mother loves!

Now, I'm off to write something with salty language that involves a love scene!

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