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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dreaming of number 51

Good morning!
51 is my favorite number and has been since I was little and John Gage and Roy DeSoto were saving Los Angeles County in their trusty Squad 51. When I got married, my mother put my father in charge of making the number signs for the tables at our reception. He's a random guy, so he picked random numbers, all of his favorites. (I believe we're the only wedding ever to have a table 220 without benefit of any other number in the 200's.) The head table I got to pick. It was number 51. 51 is my number!

So you can see that an email I got from a reader the other day intrigued and inspired me! It's all about the top 50 most famous, impressive debut novels of all time.

Read the article here .  It's a great read!

(Thank you to Erin Lenderts for sharing her wonderful article!)
I love that some of my favorite books, like Jane Eyre, and of course WUTHERING HEIGHTS, are both on the list. Looking over it, I believe I've read a goodly portion of these 50 books. And there are only a few I've not heard of. My most recent reading were two of the newer books, Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. Both are VERY, VERY good books!

So as I'm reading this list, I realize two things:
1) I'm actually pretty well read, looking at this list. And a well read writer is a better writer.

2) Spot number 51 is open...and I've just released my debut novel.


I think not!

So, my friends, in order to get on this list, I'm thinking I have to have more people read the book. "Dream in Color" must become one of those "beloved books of a generation." So tell your friends, tell your neighbors that you know what the #51 most impressive debut novel of all time is, and let's sell some books!

51 is my number after all.

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