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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out with the old, in with the...old?

Good Saturday morning!

I like a good deal. Doesn't everyone? I don't think I've bought a new pair of shoes in two years mostly because I can get almost new on eBay for far less. Better quality...lower price. I get many of my books used. (Oh, but you should definitely buy "Dream in Color" NEW!) I can point to exactly one piece of furniture that I purchased from a store, new.

Which brings me to what's going in my house today. The Girl has been asking for a LOFT bunk for three years. For someone afraid of heights, this is unusual, but still...

So, state tax refund in hand, I scoured my usual haunts for a good loft bunk bed. Hubby and I are no strangers to this task. We've purchased more than one bunk bed. When the kids were very small they shared a bedroom, and bunks were the name of the game.

But the Girl wanted no ordinary loft. Oh know. The one she wanted, the one she pointed out at a local NEW furniture SUPERSTORE was a loft/desk/dresser/closet/trundle.

Sticker price? $1300.

Yeah, that's not happening.

So I spent another day scouring my usual websites and found a few styles that would work. Then New Girl suggested I check craigslist.

"I'm not looking for a prostitute or any stolen items," I say. (I have almost no experience with craigslist, and all I know is what I hear on Bob and Brian.)

"Just try it."

So I looked and wouldn't you know it? There it was...the exact model she wanted. For less than half the price. And it was only ten miles from our front door.

So, phone calls were placed, a van was rented and bam, we are now in the midst of moving out the old furniture and replacing it with...old furniture.

Her bed, though it's been in my family for three generations, is little more than a simple twin bed. That's going to Goodwill. The desk, another cast off from my grandmother, will reside at my mother's house until such a time as my brother's kids realize they need a desk. (If you met these two kids, you'd think that day may never happen! LOL!)

The worst part of the process, I'm finding, is that Girl Child has to move her posters of Edward Cullen to make room for the new furniture configuration.

If that's the worst of her troubles, she leads a charmed life!

Hey, one last note: My Rick Springfield tickets are in my hot little hands! If you're going to his concert in Milwaukee on Friday, May 7, look for me, I'd love to meet a fellow fan!

And, if you're interested in getting an autographed copy of "Dream" I'm not above bringing a couple with me! ($12, and NO SHIPPING!)

Have a great weekend all!

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