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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The new American Dream: Sharing a reality TV judging panel with a bitchy Brit.

Good Saturday to you all!

I know, a rare Saturday post from me. Well, with good reason!

I got a hair cut this week. Not just a haircut, more of a complete hair rethink. I haven't been shorn in a good four years. I went in to my local Cost Cutters where a girl who has done my hair before waited with sheers and a certain sense of wicked glee. And now, I have what my college friends used to term my "butchy lesbian" look.

Personally, I like not shedding hair all over the bathroom like some gigantic dog every day.

Anyway, since it's been so long since I've had short hair, my very fashion conscious children are having a bit of a problem with it. (The same kids who never make their beds, pick of their clothes, brush their teeth or change their socks. Yep, those are the people who have trouble with my haircut.) And yes, hubby is making some comments about it, as well.

Like this morning. Hubby informed me that I was a hairband short of Carrie Vincent, the cranky Brit (she's actually Australian, but likes to act all British) judge on Food Network's ubiquitous Cake Challenge shows.
That got me to thinking. Why are British people on American TV so bitchy?
Think about it: Simon Cowel. Carrie Vincent. The middle guy on "Dancing with the Stars." Actually, pick a reality TV show that involves a panel of judges and I promise you, one of them will be a cranky Brit who spouts high toned put downs like Good n Plenty's at a movie theater. It actually goes all the way back to that fun, self esteem shattering game show, "Weakest Link" Ann Robinson, dressed in a costume straight out of "The Matrix" would spout out questions and send those who answered incorrectly with a sharp, disapproving tone. "You ARE the weakest link. Good bye."
And we Americans eat that up like candy! We love that British accent. Everyone sounds smarter with a high class British accent. Would Alistair Cook have been taken seriously introducing Masterpiece Theater if his accent sounded more like Roscoe P Coltrane? (If you don't know who that is, go look it up in TV history.)
But why, why why do they have to be so mean? Don't get me wrong. I find myself agreeing with Simon Cowell all the time. The man is smart. And Gordon Ramsey has every right to be upset when those knuckleheads in Hell's Kitchen can't make a decent risotto. But is that reason for Americans to believe that the entire country of England is full of grouchy, uber intelligent, meanies? Must we listen to their rants and believe it all simply because, well, they're British?
Can't we find any cranky B list stars here in this country to judge our reality TV talent shows?
Seriously, is Chuck Woolery that busy?

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