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Monday, November 23, 2009

If you're jamming out to Enya, you might be an old fart!

Good afternoon!

My facebook status trumpeted that I was jamming to Enya this afternoon.

It's official. I'm old.

Hey, is anyone watching "Californication?" I don't have Showtime myself, but I'm wishing I did, because Evil Bossman just told me that Rick Springfield is doing some guest star work (I knew that.) and that the part is hilarious. (Of course it is...another reason to loathe Bossman.)

Thanksgiving approaches, as does the holiday feeding frenzy...I mean shopping season. Hey, I get up at 4 to brave the malls...I take the kids, they love it! But this year I'm going with my power shopping sisters in law, and not my slacker teen kids and neice. I've already been told, "NO WHINING!"

Well, okay. But back at ya girlie, because I'm 50% done with my holiday gift shopping and the rest I've already got picked out at ebay. I don't shop malls. Too expensive and carrying the stupid bags all over make my hands hurt. Walmart, Target, Kohls, and Ebay. That's where I shop. So no WHINING!

Am I duty bound to buy my sister in law a Christmas gift this year if she hasn't done so for me in the last two? Not that I care about myself, but she told me that she had gifts for the kids and never produced. Do I take this as a sign that we are no longer exchanging gifts??? I'd like to know because she's part of that 50% I haven't actually purchased yet.

Enough rambling. It's time to go home, or to choir practice, or whatever.

Or maybe I'll just sit here and continue jamming out to Enya.

Geez, I'm old!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hey, it's the one holiday we can all agree on, right? RIGHT?


  1. Everyone agree on Thanksgiving? Doubtful, especially once you pick up your first non-U.S. readers if you haven't already.

    I don't listen to Enya, but really, how does one 'jam out' to Enya? Isn't that kind of like jamming out to Zamfir? Kenny G? The Doodle-town Pipers?

    I love that our families have moved to the 'no gift exchange' method of holiday celebration, since our plane tickets alone are about $500 each to get back to WI.

  2. Wish my family was as mature as yours! LOL! If I forget someone, I never hear the end of it. Yet my b-day gets overlooked cross to bear, I guess!

    Have a great trip! Wanna trade places? Tee Hee!