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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday is a real thing and I have the bald patches on my head to prove it!

Good afternoon!

I'm officially hiding from the phone. Sure, the office is supposed to be shut down, but since it's Cyber Monday and since we are a cyber business, it's been Mr. Toad's Wild Ride here all day.

Shiny New Girl asked if we got a lunch today. I laughed at her and sucked down my third cup of coffee.

Tomorrow won't be much better, but maybe the phones will stop ringing. Apparently, someone put the word out to Internet Novices that buying online was fun and a good time. Which would explain why I've torn my hair out trying to explain internet shopping to a 95 year old lady from Deep South Alabama who didn't have a credit card and couldn't find the slot to put the money in on her phone. (I couldn't make this up. Seriously.)

Folks, if you have never shopped online before, maybe Cyber Monday isn't the day to start. Maybe, if you're the type who is going to call customer service to place an order, maybe you could wait until...February???? (I'm just putting that out there. I can run a really great tutorial on how to order things online, but not this month!)

I got a really fun gift from my sister in law the other day. It's a ceramic flamingo type bird with a placard that says, "Remind me how lucky I am to work here...I forget." I will be putting that on my desk this week!

As we approach the holiday shopping feeding frenzy, I've found that a couple of things make my shopping experience better.

1) Shopping online can be done anytime. The internet does not close. No lines, no rude clerks, no parking hassles. And you can shop in your jammies while drinking a glass of wine.

2) If you must go out and shop, park far away from the store. Yes, you may get slush on your boots, but you won't get a ding in your car from parking to close to others.

3) Also, if you must go out, wear a sweatshirt instead of a coat. You might be cold in the parking lot, but you won't over heat in the stores.

4) Finally, in the stores, promise yourself a yummy food treat at the end of your shopping and, with that in mind, keep a smile on your face. It's hard to lose your patience when you force yourself to smile, and I don't know about you, but I can while away a lot of time in line thinking about a big chocolate brownie!

HAve a great night all!

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