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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Fashion tip Tuesday!

Good morning all! I know it says Fashion tip Tuesday, and it's really Wednesday, but being a day behind is something writers all understand, right? LOL!

I know nothing about fashion. I watch "Next Top Model" and "Project Runway" and I have to admit, I can't tell the difference between a good shot and a bad shot. I know if a dress doesn't look right, but most of the time I know nothing about fashion.

I should also admit, I'm a die hard T-shirt and jeans sort of girl. My idea of dressing up a bit is wearing a shirt that has buttons.

That said, I'm going to come out and say this: Wearing lounge or sweat pants in public is a BAD IDEA for EVERYONE!

I've long said that men over the age of nine should NEVER wear sweat pants. Sweat shorts are okay if you're actually participating in some sort of athletic event. (No, being in the stands does NOT COUNT.) But there's something just a little creepy about a guy in sweat pants going to, say, the bank.

Grown women should NEVER wear sweatpants in a color other than blue or black. Sorry, red is not a coordinating color. You look like you've just rolled out of bed. And those matching track suits? I have an aunt that wears those track suits all bedecked with rhinestones. Sorry, not good, unless you're 80 and headed for a round of golf. For the younger set, sweats with words on the butt just invites those around you to stare at your butt. And if people are staring at your butt, they will comment about your butt. Really, who is that confident? Keep the printing on your boobs where it belongs!

But the WORST fashion idea EVER is the lounge pant, especially those with pictures or cartoon characters. Don't get me wrong: I'm all for lounging. What I'm saying is that wearing your jammies in public stops being acceptable when you hit the age of four. I don't care if you're the cutest cheerleader on the planet, if you wear lounge pants in the grocery store, you're just going to look sloppy and goofy and people should (AND DO) mock you. Even the boy, who is 15, laughs at those who wear lounge pants out in public.

By their very name, "LOUNGE PANTS," everyone should know what the purpose of these pants is. They are not called, "going to the store pants" or "standing in line at the bank" pants. These pants are designed to be worn whilst lounging.

Oh, and guys, that rule I have about sweats? Yeah, double that for lounge pants. No self respecting male over the age of six should be wearing cartoon characters on the pants he wears in public. I stood behind a 20 something dude at the bank one day. This guy was wearing a pair of Spongebob lounge pants, which coordinated nicely with his beer brand t-shirt. The guy was chatting up two nicely dressed young ladies in front of him. The girls were having none of him. After his attempts at conversation were rebuffed several times, Spongebob Dude turned to his friend and muttered something about stuck up girls.

Those girls weren't stuck up. They were simply noting the fantastic taste with which Sponge Dude dressed himself and decided to take a pass. Guys...not getting a lot of interest from the opposite gender? Try putting on some actual PANTS!

And ladies...don't want to be thought of as the lazy slob muffin? Get some pants that don't announce the juciness of your fanny.

There's a reason denim blue jeans are so popular. They fit everyone, they are stylish, they are comfortable, and they can be dressed up and dressed down. It may take some time to find the perfect pair of jeans...but so well worth it, especially if you're biggest decision of the day is which pair of zuba pants to wear. Get to a store, and find some jeans. Once you have a good foundation, anything else, style wise, is gravy.

You don't see rock stars wearing cartoon character lounge pants to concerts, right? No one every wrote a book or a poem exstolling the sexiness of someone in sweats. I have yet to read a romance novel where the hero...or heroine...attracts their love interest wearing lounge pants. And you can bet that Jesse, my hero in "Dream in Color" is wearing JEANS.

I think even Tim Gunn would approve of this message!


  1. Coincidentally, I own the perfect pair of going-to-the-store pants.