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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sneak Peak Saturday: What's coming up?

Good morning!

I might be unemployed, but boy oh boy I have been busy!

The second draft of Missing in Manitowoc is done and off to the critique partners and the editor.  I will put final touches on that, and you will have it in your hot little hands very soon!  Meanwhile, I finally finished the cover art, take a look!

Then, I opened up my flash drive and two short romances popped out!  I'm finally finishing the the "Rock Harbor Short Romance" series with "Love is Enticing" and "Love is Eternal" to go along with the one I completed last year. "Love is Elementary."  Check out the covers!

To remind you, the series takes on how three couples from my novel "Lies in Chance" actually get together.  It starts with "Love is Elementary" Drew and Joanna Shepaski.  

Love is Enticing is the "meet story" between Bryan Jacobs and the deliciously evil Jennifer Tiel.  "Love is Eternal" is the romance between Molly Krueger and Robert Hunter.  All three of these relationships have a huge bearing on what happens in "Lies in Chance" and these stories have been rattling around in my brain for decades.  I'm so excited to be able to bring them to you.

"Enticing" should be out by the end of this month.  Depending on how long I'm out of work, I'll probably get "Eternal" out in April, which will probably coincide with the release of "Missing in Manitowoc."  

So friends, yes, I have been busy.  And I will continue to be busy, so you will continue to have something to read!  Meanwhile, if you aren't caught up on my "Rock Harbor Chronicles" series, and I know most of you who read "Fresh Ice" have yet to pick up the final chapter, "A Hero's Spark" then CLICK HERE TO GET THOSE BOOKS!

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