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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

oops they did it again.

Well friends, they've gone and done it again.

Remember when I went on a rant about "Jersey Shore" dipweed Snooki publishing a book? Well, here you it now, we'll wait.

Welcome back.  See...that was my rant against Snooki.  Well guess what?  I just heard, and then read, a report that makes Snooki, as an author, look like the second coming of Oscar Wilde.

Kim Kardashian is publishing a book...if you can call it that...containing her "selfies."  Don't believe me, Check out the report.

So...traditional book publishers and brick and mortar book stores are failing left and right.  Well, hey, no wonder, when what you give the American reader is complete and utter crap.

Let's think about the amount of talent or effort this particular best seller idea involved:  Kim Kardashian, a woman famous initially for a leaked sex tape and then because she had a nice butt, and then because her family is a hornet's nest of self indulged, vapid, mirror watchers...she looked at the pictures she took OF HERSELF WITH HER PHONE and she said, "This is a book."  And a publisher agreed.

I'm starting to wonder if anyone knows what the word "book" means.

I am angry about this, but not because this no talent culture cancer has a book deal and a lot of hardworking, talented, dedicated authors don't.  This is a really good example of what's happening in publishing today, and it's the biggest red letter headline announcing the death of traditional publishing and book and mortar stores.  

Book publishers might as well be standing on street corners shouting, "We've given up and we're only going to publish books by people we've seen naked.  And the fewer actual words involved the better."

And they wonder why they keep failing and failing and failing and more and more authors, new, unknown, and well known, and best sellers, continue to flood to self publishing and e-publishing.  

Books are important to our culture and to future generations.  Sharing ideas, sharing stories, sharing humor and tragedy and drama and social commentary is all important, even vital, to the world culture.  If we have no need to read, then we take a monumental step backward into the Dark Ages.  Publishers, if they hope to survive, need to think about the content of their offerings as much as they think about the "shock value dollar" they'll garner from a project like this one.  

If the only thing book publishers are going to give us as readers are third rate novels upchucked by fourth rate celebrities, or, worse yet, cell phone pictures of said fourth rate celebrities...then those of us who need to tell the stories, need to share the drama, the humor, the social commentary, then we need to go someplace else and be heard.

Or maybe I could just start shooting naked pictures of myself to publishing houses.

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