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Monday, October 20, 2014

Romance: Bringing people together to read about sexy demons!

Good evening!

Last week I was fortunate enough to participate in a WisRWA  (Wisconsin Romance Writers of America) event at the West Allis Public Library.  This was an event very outside my comfort zone because it involved me going someplace and talking to people about writing.  While I'm quite brave about my writing online, talking to actual humans is a completely different story.  We authors, we tend to be a tiny bit introverted.

One of my favorite episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond:
the AIS episode!
Anyway, event organizer and fantastic author Kat de Falla made very sure I was A.I.S. at this event and I'm really glad she did.  It was fun.  We got to talk to readers about writing, what we write, the writing process.  Plus, we got to give away books, and sign books and that, as you may know, is an author's high.

At some point in the evening an elderly gentleman wearing a large crucifix walked into the room.  I didn't think much of it because 1) it's a public library and different people are in and out of that place all the time and 2) I see people wearing crucifixes all the time.  It's nothing new for me.  The fact that he was a man and older was also not a big deal. Hey, men like reading romance, right?  Right?

Not quite as filthy as the cover...

Part of the evening involved drawings for free books.  The audience was encouraged to put their names in a basket and at random points the MC would draw a name out of the basket and then ask the person what sort of romance they liked to read.  (I have a feeling the first winner of the night was pretty disappointed.  She told the MC she liked her books "dirty."  He gave her a copy of Lies in Chance because the front cover has a girl who is covered in mud.  Ummm...probably not quite the dirty she was looking for.)

Anyway, at the end of the evening the MC drew one more name and it wound up being the gentleman's name.  We cheered and clapped and the MC asked the man to come up and get a book.

The man said, "First I'd like to tell you how I came to be in this room."

He then proceeded to tell us that his wife went to Heaven the day before Easter this year.  (And everyone said.....awwwwwwww....) and that he was very lonely and had promised himself that he was going to go where people were.  So he was raking his yard that evening and noticed a piece of paper in the leaves.  Turns out, he lives across the street from the library and the paper was our flier.  So he came over to meet people.

Insert slightly uncomfortable applause here.

So the MC asked what sort of books the gentleman liked to read.  Well, he said something about angels.  Then MC then handed him Kat's new book, The Seer's Lover.  Here's the description: 

For years, Calise Rowe has been able to sense unusual energy from people, making her believe she is different. Pulled into an ancient war raging for centuries between demon hunters and seers, she's about to find out she's right.

Her search for the truth leads her to Lucas Rojas, a seer of angels and demons who walk the earth shrouded from normal human eyes. He's hidden his gift for years and refuses to endanger Calise by sharing it with her.

In the sultry Costa Rican Jungles, their worlds collide. As their passion and desire ignite, so does the ancient war between demons and seers. Will their combined efforts be enough to save themselves and the entire human world, or will their new found love be their downfall?

Let's just say Kat's a bit concerned that perhaps the older gent looking for friendly faces might not be as interested in demon hunters and passion in a Costa Rican jungle.  But I tried to put a different spin on it.  Sure, a religious octogenarian male is probably NOT the first person to jump up and read a book like that, but hey, maybe, just maybe, he'll read it and a whole new world will open up for him.

Either way...he's never going to forget coming to a "night of romance" after raking his yard. 

Whatever the result, it was a blast of a night and I know WisRWA is planning more of these events around the state.  So if you're in Wisconsin, watch for it!  And if you'd like to meet some of the authors, check out WisRWA's website!

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