A HERO'S SPARK: the final book in the Wicked Women series!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR NOOK USERS! (And everyone else who doesn't use a Kindle.)

Hello all!

ALL the books in the Wicked Women
Series are on the nook!
Reach for them!
After selling my novels exclusively on Amazon the last few months, I decided to branch out.  So, NOOK users (and everyone else who doesn't have a kindle, but likes to read their books on a device) your day is TODAY!

You can catch all of my novels at the Barnes and Noble website by CLICKING HERE!

And if you want my Elsie books, it'll be another day or two, but you'll be able to find them by late tomorrow by CLICKING HERE!

Now, for those of you who like to use a device that's NOT a Nook or a Kindle...I've got excellent news for you as well!  

For everything under my Sarah J. Bradley name:  CLICK HERE!
(A Hero's Spark is NOT on this website...yet.  But give me a day or two.)
Find out what's so funny about Elsie W!

For everything under my Sarah Jayne Brewster name: CLICK HERE!

It is my promise to Kindle users, Nook users, e-reader users (of which I am one) I-everything users that for as long as I control my books, my e-books will NEVER be more than $2.99.  That is my pledge to you!

So, by the end of the weekend everything I've ever published is going to be available to everyone who reads on a device and it's all going to be $2.99 or less.


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