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Sunday, May 25, 2014

LAST DAY! Get "Lies in Chance" FREE!

Good morning!

Just a friendly reminder, if you own a Kindle and if you like your books FREE, then today, Sunday, is the last day to get "LIES IN CHANCE" free!  

"LIES IN CHANCE"  is a multi character murder mystery with a romance at its heart:

Shara Brandt doesn’t know how she wound up on a creek bank behind a school, miles from home. She doesn’t know who murdered her wealthy, but cruel, grandmother. She does know she has one chance to learn the truth about the murder, clear her name, and leave behind a shadowy past she can’t remember and can’t forget. She adopts the alias “Bethany Elias,” works her way into the hearts of the residents of Rock Harbor, and tries to ignore the way her heart races every time the reclusive Bryan Jacobs comes near her.

Emotionally bruised after his ugly divorce, Bryan trusts no one. He certainly doesn’t trust the beautiful newcomer, Bethany. He knows she’s hiding something, and he is determined to expose her secret. To do so, however, he must lie to her, and himself, about his motives…and the feelings stirring deep within him each time he sees Bethany. 

It is their search for truth that will bind them together or shatter their lives forever, but only if they are willing to take a chance.

"LIES IN CHANCE"  is, for me, one of those books every author writes because they must.  It's the story of my heart.  I love those people in Rock Harbor.  I grew up with them, and it's my joy to share them with you.

I've made much of the fact that three of my novels, "LIES IN CHANCE," "FRESH ICE," and "A HERO'S SPARK" are part of a series.  Truth is, many of the same characters wind their way through the books, and yes, my villains are all WICKED WOMEN, but each book can and does stand on its own.  I did that on purpose so those who read them out of order won't feel like they missed something.  I never liked that feeling as a kid, and as a writer, I don't like passing that feeling on to others.

So, it's a great weekend.  Summer is finally happening.  It's time to read for fun!  And what's more fun than a free book?

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