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Thursday, April 24, 2014

10 Questions with Poet peter bradley

Good morning!

Late last week I wrote a review of two poetry collections from internet poet peter Bradley.  Today I have my 10 questions with the new talent.  (Remember, peter doesn't use upper case letters...ever) Enjoy!

1)  Your new book,"Gravity" seems to take a harsher tone in general than your first collection: "a collection of writing from under my sheets" had.  Is this growth on your part, or more of a darkening of your world vision?

more growth on my part and the amount that i cared about this project,
sheets was somewhat rushed, and thrown together without nearly as much
time and thought as should have gone into it. during the early stages
of putting "gravity" together, a theme was slowly established and then
i built on it from there. sheets bounced around where as "gravity" has
a more stable sense of direction. it may have come out significantly
darker than was intended, but growing up means things don't always stay
as bright and cheery as they seem. it gets really dark until your eyes
start to adjust and mine haven't yet.

2)  What is it about the poetry medium that speaks to you?  Why not write fiction?

it's what i know and it's what i'm good at. i've been told writing
fiction is much easier and i'm not sold on that. i write what i know. i
write down whatever is going on in my head at a certain time and then
go from there. if i wrote fiction every character would have a
god-complex and severe mental issues, i'd be writing myself ten
different times. nobody wants that.

3)  Why the lower case letters for everything?

they just look nicer, uppercase letters often look harsh in comparison.
pick one and stick with it.

4) What is your favorite color and why?

grey. it's soothing.

5) When not writing, what's your favorite pastime?

sleeping or trying to figure out how to sleep, mostly.

6)  Who do you feel is your target audience?  Kids?  Adults?

honestly, i'm my own target audience. i'm my own biggest critic and
that's never going to change. 88% of everything i write ends up getting
scrapped. if it's good enough for me then that's all i care about.
7)  Clearly some of your work deals with break ups.  When it comes to love and romance, are you now a cynic or still hopeful?

i'm fairly cynical in almost all aspects of my life. however, at this
point on this particular topic i am not leaning either way. it's not
something i find myself over-thinking as much these days. as with
anything, time off is necessary. relationships are exhausting. i'm
taking a break. however, on many occasions i have found dating to just
be flat-out stupid. i don't recommend it.

8)  What's next for you, what can your fans expect next?

i'll probably have something in the works at some point later this
year. i'm not looking at another release until at least next year

9)  Promotion time!  What's your blog/website address?

10)  If you could live in any time or place when or where would it be and why?

time-wise i'd stick with now, as messed up as everything on this planet
is, too many things are too convenient for me to give that up. i would
not do well pre-1990's.
as far as place, i'm not entirely sure. i'd spend a lot of time on the
road in cheap hotels and maybe a cheap apartment if i find a place i
like. i give myself five years to answer that in more depth.

Thank you, peter, for joining in.  Friends, if you're interested in reading the work of an emerging poet, check out his two collections by clicking HERE!

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