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Friday, February 14, 2014

Looking for love on Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Okay, if you've followed this blog long enough, you know I'm not a fan of this Hallmark imposed day of love.  I just think it's silly, and I'm a romantic person.  Most people I know figure if you need a day on the calendar to remind you that you love someone, perhaps your relationship is a little less than perfect.

That said, there's a lot of romance and looking for romance going on today so I figured I'd help out with a few suggestions.  So I've got three lists today:


Romantic comedy movies

Romantic movies

Let's start with books.  I'll take my own romance novels out of the list because that wouldn't be fair.  however, if you want to check out my books, you can click on any of the covers or click here to purchase.

So, five romantic books you may not have heard of.

5)  Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess, Christine Merrill.

Christine Merrill is a hilarious lady who will make you snort Diet Coke out of your nose with her stories about her cat.  But historical romance  is where she really shines and of all the books I've read by her, this one, I think, is the best.  Ignore the somewhat clunky title, "Dangerous Lord" sneaks up on you to the point where you can't put it down, and you hate to close the book when it's done.  Christine's humor shines through as it does in all of her books, but her history is solid and her touch on romance is magic.

4) To Find You, Linda Schmalz

Linda is going to make this list twice, mostly because she's changed genres with this, her newest book. Set in New York immediately after the Titanic disaster, this gentle romance has an element of suspense that's going to catch you by surprise.  Her voice in this, her first historical romance, is solid, almost lyrical.  (I'll be writing a review of this book next week, but you can just go over to Amazon and get it right now!)

3) The Dysfunctional Test, Kelly Moran

When readers are right, they are right.  This contemporary gem is an online readers favorite.  Kelly Moran has a sharp wit and writes it as it is, which gives us characters to truly fall for.  Kelly plops her characters into situations we may not normally buy into, but under Kelly's deft hand, we find ourselves not only believing, but completely cheering for a happily ever after, no matter how unlikely.

2) Lost in Italy, Stacey Joy Netzel

Fast paced action, check.  Super sexy hero, check.  Set in Italy, check.  Just read this book.  It's the first of a series, and you have really missed out if you don't go to your favorite book seller RIGHT NOW and demand this book.

1)  A Lonely Sky, Linda Schmalz

I've said it before in this blog and I'll say it again:  you aren't going to find a better love story than this book.  Romance, romantic settings, it's all here.  Linda's voice for contemporary romance is spot on, and this one will haunt you. 

And now:  romantic comedies

5)  Sixteen Candles

Kiss on a table.  Enough said.

4)  Two Weeks' Notice

I find Hugh Grant adorable, and I wish he would be my jerk boss.  You know, instead of the regular not adorable jerk bosses I've had.

3)  When Harry Met Sally

The touchstone of the best friend turned lovers story line.  Billy Crystal at his best and Meg Ryan when she still had good hair.

2)  PS  I Love You

This movie has everything.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll love all the seriously hot guys in this movie.  Winner, winner winner.

1)  The Princess Bride

Oh, are you new to this blog?  You thought there'd be a different #1?

And now:  Romantic Dramas you may not think of as Romantic Drama.

5) Pretty in Pink

Is it wrong I think the sexiest guy in the movie is the bad guy?  

4) Cinderella Man

The same arguments that swirl around "Jerry McGuire" could be applied to this boxing movie.  I maintain it's not so much a sports movie as it is a movie about a married couple really, really in love.

3)  Castaway

Tom Hanks on an island for 15 years and the only thing that keeps him alive are thoughts of his wife?  What's more freaking romantic than that?  And, ultimately, the message of the movie is that love is optimistic and optimism lasts forever no matter what.

2)  King Arthur

Clive Owen is a solid romantic leading man and in all honesty not even the worst of the muddy battles can wreck the romance of this movie.

1)  A Beautiful Mind

How can mathematics and schizophrenia be romantic?  I don't know.  But somehow this movie makes it romantic and majestic.  A tear jerking win all the way around.

There, friends, I've given you a full docket of stuff to do this Valentine's weekend.  As for me, I'm going to the late show of "Winter's Tale."   I haven't been to a late movie in years, but hubby and I haven't done any Valentine's anything in decades, so it's time and this movie BETTER BE AWESOME!

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