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Friday, January 24, 2014

What's on your island?

Good morning!!

For most people January is a month of dreary, cold, gray, blah days.  Christmas is over, all the holidays are over, and except for your neighbor up the street who won't take those lights off his house until April, yours streets probably look like mine:  Snow covered and cold.

In a sort of fun mind meld recently I ran across something that was running around Face book, and then I saw an episode of "The Office" that made me think about islands.  Warm sun, warm water, warm cabana boys bringing me a cold drink, that sort of thing.  And, since both Face Book and The Office were talking about what you'd take to a deserted island, I figured I'd play along.

So, what three _____________ would you bring to a deserted island?

Let's start with movies:

3 movies on a deserted island...I love, love, love movies.  Narrowing a list down to just three, well, that might be impossible.  But if I had to pick three movies to take with me to an island, I'd probably bring

1)  Prince Bride  (duh)
2) Pretty in Pink  (because it's awesome)
Drop. Your. Coconut. Bra.

3)  Gladiator  (Russell Crowe is awesome)

That's today...tomorrow that list is probably going to change.

Next:  Which three celebrities would you bring?

This might surprise some people who know about my "list."  (Oh we all have a list, don't judge me.) 

1)  Rick Springfield  (duh)
2)  Tom Hanks
 Because he's really well read and funny and because I'm pretty sure since he was in Castaway, he'd be able to handle a deserted island.
3)  Russell Crowe. 
 Oh wait, if I have Russell Crowe on the Island, then I don't need to bring Gladiator or ANY of his movies along because, I have him there.  So let's change my #3 movie to....any and all version of "Wuthering Heights." that's not cheating!  It's not!

Yes, I'll go to the islands with you!
Okay, now, music.  I'm a big music head, but lately I've been more about single songs than about albums.  Thanks, iTunes.  That said, what three albums would I bring?

1)  New Minstrel Revue:  Far and Away.
Great folk band, and probably the band I've seen live more than any other.  Thank you Renaissance Faire!
2)  Ice House: Man of Colours  
Iit doesn't seem to matter where I am, what I'm doing, this is the best music in the world to write to.  I've had a copy of this album in one form or another since the mid 80's, and I listen to it weekly.
3)  Barry Manilow I
 His first album and, in my opinion, one of his best. Argue if you want about whether this album stands the text of time, and I'll just sing a few bars of "I am Your Child."

What?  No rick Springfield?  No, because, see, I'm bringing HIM with me.

Finally, books.  What three books would I take with me to a deserted island?  Well, they'd have to be books I want to read over and over and over...and in the final analysis, this was a no brainer.

1)  A Lonely Sky  by Linda Schmalz  
(If you haven't discovered this heartbreaking tearjerking gem, run yourself over to Amazon and get it now.)
 Most books I read because I like a good story, but once I've read the story, there are very few books I'll reread just for grins.  A Lonely Sky is one of those books I've read and will read again and again.

2)  Wuthering Heights  by Emily Bronte
(Yes, it's my favorite book, and if I'm on a deserted island, with all those versions of the movie, I might finally have time to write a really solid critique of each movie version compared to the book.  Something I've wanted to do for a while.)

3)  Gone with the Wind/Scarlett/Rhett Butler's People.
I know, this is actually three books.  But I've maintained for a long time that Scarlett was one of the most ill conceived, poorly thought out,and badly written books, especially as a sequel to the sublime GWTW.  Rhett Butler's People, on the other hand is pretty brilliant.  Since I'm on an island anyway, and I'm guessing there's no satellite TV or Netflix to fill my days, I'd like to read the three side by side and determine if my opinions are well founded.

And there it list of stuff I would take to and island.   So, what's on YOUR Island List?

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