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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013-2014: Looking backward and forward

Good evening!

Here we are, in the edge of yet another year.  World wide, good stuff happened, bad stuff happened and for the next several months, Hollywood is going to go crazy congratulating itself for all the work it's done in 2013.  (Ups and downs..."The Blacklist" is awesome.  "The Butler" is spectacular.  But did we need yet another Madea movie?  And "Fast and Furious 6"?  Really?)

In the spirit of the ending year I thought I'd look back and review my  year in writing, and then lay out my plan...a resolution if you will, for 2014.

2013 was wildly busy for me.  I got my rights back for "Dream in Color" and spent way too much time creating new covers for it.  I tried my hand at cover making for my books and for my friend, Author Linda Schmalz. 

I wrote and published my first short story:  Love is Elementary, which is actually going to be part of a bigger collection of short stories.  I'm so excited about writing shorter fiction.

I released my two Elsie W books, the first on in June, and the most recent one this past month.  (You can find everything at Amazon or on Smashwords. Just look for Sarah J. Bradley or Sarah Jayne Brewster.

November was awesome.  I took part in Nanowrimo and completed the 50000 word challenge.  As a result, my new novel, "Spark of a Hero" is well on its way to having a rough draft done. This is the book that will tie "Lies in Chance" and "fresh Ice" together so I'm excited about that.

So, after all that, what's up next for my writing life?  Well, quite a bit.  Which is funny, since when I was 13 and I started writing "Lies in Chance" I thought I had one story in me.  Turns out, I had a whole bunch of stuff going on in my head and I can't wait to get to work on it!

First of all, I have to finish "Spark of a Hero."  My goal is Valentine's Day, but let's be real...that's probably not going to happen quite that fast.

I have one more book in the Disaster Coworkers series...yes, Noelle C is getting a book.  I just have to buckle down and write it.

I've got three more short stories to go with "Love is Elementary" so there's that.

Finally, I'm and I really excited about this:  I'm going to create my third and probably final pseudonym.  S.J. Brady is going to be my name when I start my inspirational/mystery series.  I have a weak outline for the first book, but what's really exciting about this series is that it's a true series.  Nora Hill is going to be my new best friend as we wind up 2014 and get into 2015.

That's a ton of writing...but I figured something out this year.  I can sit down, I can write, I can produce even in the limited time I have to work between work, the kids, the husband, the house, and oh yeah, the cats.  I may not achieve all my goals in 2014, but I promise you this:  I'm going to keep you posted every step of the way, and I really hope I get feedback from you, because you are the ones reading my stories!

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