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Friday, October 18, 2013

A NEW RELEASE! (I'm so happy I'm a flash drive hoarder!)

Good evening!

Some days, you just get up and something happens that you don't expect to happen.  That was very true today, although not in the way things typically go for me.

See, normally on Fridays I get up with all the intention in the world to write something brilliant.  With NANOWRIMO coming up in a few weeks, I have to get my discipline DOWN because I want to release a new Elsie Book AND a new novel before the end of the year.

One is nearly written and ready. One is soooooo not.

Anyway, I got up, had breakfast with Peaches at Denny's, like we do every Friday. I dropper her off at school, went home, did the dishes, started some laundry, paid the bills, and then sat down to work on the novel.

And now, some 9 hours later, I've just published a short story.

I should explain.  See, for years I've been toying with the idea of writing several short stories based on my characters from my novel Lies in Chance.  I actually almost finished one, and submitted the story idea to an editor, who said the male hero wasn't strong enough and the story wasn't sexy enough and blah, blah, blah.

So I dropped the project.  And today, while I was searching my flash drive for some pieces of my new novel, I found that incomplete short story.  I read through it and realized I still really liked the story, and I liked the idea of a compilation of stories sort of giving some background to the four "couples" mentioned in Lies in Chance.

Thanks to the magic of e-publishing, I'm happy to announce that, today, right now, if you read your books on any sort of device, you can download this first of four stories by clicking right here!  (You can get it for $0.99!)

If you want your story in a book form, or if you buy all your books on Amazon, it'll be just a couple days.  But hey, I'm now hot on the trail of getting the second story done, and I'm so excited that I didn't delete the bits and pieces of this book idea from my flash drive.

If that makes me a flash drive hoarder, so be it.  Meanwhile, enjoy!

Enjoy this story by clicking here!

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