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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sneak Peak Sunday! Lies in Chance

Good evening all!

Here's a quick bit I thought I'd share with you, since I haven't shared much in the last couple weeks.

This is a bit of a chapter from Lies in Chance  (click the book cover above to purchase.)


He watched her, unable to move away from the door and unwilling to enter the room and disturb her. Her fingers glowed on the keyboard, glossy pale pink fingernails flashing over the keys. Her voice mesmerized him until she stopped and broke the spell. He ached to step out of the shadows, to let her know that he had heard her singing and
that he thought she was amazing. Before he got up enough courage, she started playing again, this time something a bit more classical, dark and
brooding. At first it seemed like she just toyed with the keys, touching them without a thought to the sound they made. But as she progressed
into the piece, her shoulders stiffened. As Bryan watched from his hiding place, the notes seemed to fly from the piano more like shrapnel than music. She no longer played an instrument, but wielded a weapon,pounding key after key, firing bullets into the darkness. Stunned, Bryan
watched with a growing sense of helplessness as she battled against demons unseen, but palpable even to him.

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