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Thursday, September 27, 2012

E-publishing doesn't mean you're going it alone.

Good morning!

"Fresh Ice,"  my newest novel, is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment.  At least it feels like that.  All authors feel that way when they have to depend upon others to get their books published.  Traditional authors feel that way as they wait for word from their agent or editor for edits, release dates, all of that.

Self publish/e-pub authors set their own timetables.  I've known for some time that "Fresh Ice" was going to come out in 2012, toward the end of the year.  (I know, I thought Spring, but let's be real:  this is me we're talking about.)  E-pubs don't have to wait for an editor to give them galleys and release dates.

That doesn't mean e-pub authors work alone.  Not even close.  Right now, I've got no less than four people working on different aspects of the book, and I haven't even sent it to the formatter yet.  My new cover artist, Kim, is creating an image that is going to be beautiful.  My critique partners, Linda and Kelly, are painstakingly pointing out areas in the book that need strengthening and editing.   And my beta reader-Paula, well, I'm hoping she's reading and enjoying the book.  I never know until she hands it to me.

Just because we "do it on our own" e-pubbers should never think we are doing it "alone."  It still takes a team to put out a book.  The difference is that the author is the captain of that team.  It's more than a little scary, when you think about it.  E-pubbers rely heavily on the opinions of critique partners and friends.  I'm blessed to have a really great team.  I trust each of these women with a precious work.

Friends, if you are considering e-pubbing, you are still going to need a support team.  Yes, ultimately, you're doing this on your own, from start to finish, an e-pubbed author gets to move forward without fear of rejection from above.  That might seem like a great thing...but sometimes it's very scary.  For me, "Fresh Ice" was a terrible book at the start, and my critique partner Linda let me know it.  Thank heavens.  She has been a critical member of the team to get the book to the point it's at right now.  Kelly, Kim, and Paula, all super important as well as we move this beast into the final stages when I can turn it over to 52 Novels formatting and get the thing out there for the world to judge.

So no, I don't get rejection letters anymore.  I get sternly worded critiques and neatly printed margin notes instead from people I trust, from people who, in the cases of Kim and Kelly, I've never even met in person, but who know me very well through my work.

E-pubbing is not a lonely road.  It's not a solo journey.  It is, however, a real test of your ability, as an author, to find the right people to help you reach your goals.

No go forth and WRITE!

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