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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When you have teens living in your house, the novel writes itself!

Good morning!

My son, Skippy, recently graduated from high school.  He informed us that he really didn't care to go to college right away since 1)  he had no clue what he wanted to do with the rest of his life and 2)  he sort of liked just hanging out in his basement bedroom building his alternative music collection, and going to class was really going to hamper that.

I informed him that he didn't have to go to college, but he did have to DO SOMETHING.  His most recent English teacher told me the boy has a flair for writing...(I'm so proud...and jealous. Had just one teacher told me I should be writing novels when I was 18 I wouldn't have waited until I was forty to publish anything!)  So I suggested that Skippy spend a year working and traveling around the country, meeting people from all walks of life and maybe getting a spark to either pick a reason for higher learning or finding material for a novel.

Little did I know that this would become novel material for me.

Want to see drama, romance, betrayal, tears, adventure, car chases, rage, and power grabs in a book?  Send your almost 19 year old son on a road trip with two or more female friends.

It's rather funny to see which of his female friends are willing to get in the car and share road time with him and his actual girlfriend.  The role of "buddy" and "chaperone" doesn't always sit well with some girls...especially those who have romantic feelings about him.

Such was the case late Monday night.  Boy child and girlfriend and another friend were in Nashville for a concert.  This was his first road trip, sort of a test trip since Hubby and I planned much of it for him.  The biggest understanding was that he and girlfriend were NOT traveling alone.  (I've been very blunt about not wanting to be a grandmother before I'm a mother in law.)

Late Monday night I got a phone call from Other Girl's mother saying that Other Girl wasn't comfortable hanging out with Skippy and girlfriend, because, well, Other Girl thought she was Skippy's girlfriend.

Color me stunned.

A few quick texts to Skippy revealed that yes, Other Girl bailed...Skippy was shocked because his entire relationship with OTher Girl was based on pure friendship...not one thing else.  However, MOM, not to worry.  Skippy has friends all over the place  (Apparently the Alternative music scene is pretty widespread) and he found Other other Girl to travel along with them.

The biggest hitch was the drive back.  See, they were all supposed to spend last night at Other Girl's house.  Given her newly revealed love for Skippy, Skippy decided to drive straight though.  So I'm sitting here in my office unable to make breakfast because Girlfriend is sleeping on the couch in the living room and I'd really hate to wake her.

So hey, what do I need with inspiration?  I've got the makings of a most excellent novel right here.  In my house. 

Got teens?  Just follow them around for a couple days...who knows what sort of material you'll dig up!  Or maybe Skippy has found inspiration for his new novel.

Darn kid better not outsell me!

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