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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sneak Peak Sunday! Lies in Chance

Good evening!
Tonight's sneak peak is from "Lies in Chance"  and I thought I'd give you a chapter involving one of the side characters, one of my villains, Richard.  Remember, Nook users, this book is also available here.


Richard Bennett leaned over against the glass of the window and closed his eyes. “Are you sure it’s her?”

“No, Mr. Bennett. That’s why we called you.” A short, barrel-chested detective offered him a Styrofoam cup filled with bitter smelling coffee.

Richard waved off the coffee and looked over his shoulder at Jennifer. She sat quietly in the corner, trying her best not to attract attention a feat, he knew, that was almost impossible for the six foot tall red head with a spectacular body.

Focus, Bennett. Focus on what you have to do here.

“Okay, Detective. I’m ready.”

The detective tapped on the glass and the coroner pulled back the glass. On the table, a foot away from the glass, was a body covered with a white sheet. Swallowing hard, Richard nodded. This time the coroner pulled back the sheet.

The body wasn’t human, couldn’t be human. Every inch was bloated, gray and filthy. Bile bubbled up in Richard’s throat.

“Mr. Bennett? Is that her? Is that your fianc√©?”

Richard took a deep breath and looked at the mass on the table again. This just needs to be over. It needs to be over now. He looked closely, studying the repulsive figure. “Yes, yes it is. It’s Shara.”

The detective nodded to the coroner, who covered the body with the sheet again. “Thank you, Mr. Bennett. I’m very sorry for your loss.”

“Yes, thank you, Detective.” Richard looked past the man’s shoulder to Jennifer, who remained still in the corner, but the energy around her was charged, energetic. She seemed coiled, ready to spring. Her ice green eyes fairly glowed in the dim light of the room.

At last. It’s over. Time for me to move on.

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