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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thank you Karri Turner! Oh, and you're welcome!

Good afternoon!

I've spent THE MOST BLISSFUL afternoon writing.  It's been far too long since the last time I sat down and just WROTE. 

Today I was working on "Fresh Ice".  The hero, Quinn Murray, is a former NHL "enforcer" with a very dark past.  For me, it was a no brainer as to what the man looked like, or sounded like:

Most of you recognize this as David James Elliott of "JAG" fame.  Ladies, the man has "HERO" written all over him, right?  But picture him all angsty in a sort of heroic way...and on hockey skates.  Nice, right?

The heroine, Izzy Marks, is a former figure skater who was forced out of skating in shame.  While writing her story was easy for me, because I know SO MUCH about shamed figure skaters....pause for loud laughter...picturing her was a bit more difficult.  Heroes I see clearly.  Heroines, well, okay, in my first novel, let's face it, that was me.  And in my second novel...also me...but younger. 

This time around I set out to write a woman who was NOT ME.  But casting about for a good mental image of Izzy was tough.

Until I was watching DVD of JAG.  It was one where Karri Turner and Patrick Laborteaux did the commentary.  Normally I don't watch DVD's with the commentary on, but since I adore their characters  (I always wanted to live next door to Bud And Harriet.)  I thought I'd give it a try.

Boy, am I glad I did!

See, they were commenting on an episode...oh I won't bore Non-JAG fans out there with the details.  Let me just say this:  Karri Turner was sort of bemoaning the fact that her character was the only one in the main cast that DIDN'T wind up in bed with DJE's character.  (Yes, Patrick had some uncomfortable retort to that.)

That got me to thinking:  The woman deserves to be in bed with DJE, in some way.  And that's when I came across this picture of Karri Turner;

How perfect is she for my Izzy?

Well, you haven't read the book, so you don't know, but trust me...she's PERFECT!

And in my head, the movie is casted and filming.  LOL!

So...Karri Turner, thank you for the inspiration...and, YOU'RE WELCOME!

Now, I must go forth and WRITE!

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