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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Readers, I need your help!

Good morning!

I've decided that the next work I'll be publishing is a collection of short essays/stories about my work place life, especially concerning with the woman I share space with.  (She is quite hilarious!)   If you haven't been following along with that saga, flip on over to my humor blog It Can Only Happen To Sarah! and catch up.

Anyway, my friends, I need your help!  I am terrible at titling my books.  My most recent release Lies in Chance, has an alternate title.  (Which I may change it to if people don't start buying the book!)  Dream in Color the title of a  Rick Springfield song that inspired the book.  So finding a title for a book is almost harder than writing the book!

I've posted it on Facebook, and I've posted it on my humor blog, and now I'm posting it here.  I am having a contest for the best title of this new work.  Send me all your ideas.  I will pick the five I like best and post them for voting NEXT WEEKS on my Laundry List Friday post over at It Can Only Happen to Sarah!

The author of the winning title will receive free copies of all my published works.  (Having an e-reader of some sort or a computer is pretty much a must!)

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

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