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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poe and Melville didn't have this problem...or did they?

Hello my friends!

Some weeks ago I talked about going back to my roots of writing, and putting words to actual paper because I had fewer freedoms on my computer at work with my new job.

I'm finding odd times to put ideas and chapters down on paper...that's not the problem.  In fact, I might just be writing more than I have most of this year.

The problem that it's on notebook paper, when do I have time to actually get my brilliant words to a form that oh, maybe an agent or an editor might look at?

See, my handwriting is barely while focusing my creative time with a notebook is a good thing, the business end of writing rears its ugly head once again and once again I'm faced with  age old question:  WHEN CAN I WRITE?

Spellcheck?  I have no need of spell check!  Opium, alcohol, and some good lovin' from my 13 year old cousin/wife are all I need to be brilliant.
The writers of yore  (It's a word...I think) didn't have this problem.  Authors back in the early days could turn in hand written copy and it would be just fine thank you.  Of course, writers of yore also had opium and alcohol addictions, lousy health care, poverty...

...wait...change opium to chocolate and you've just described most of the writers I know now!  Maybe that's why so many great authors died penniless, even though their works are considered landmarks of literature now.  Maybe spellcheck and a perfectly clean copy was all they needed to be appreciated in their own time.
Maybe if Herman had studied editing and worked on focus of thought, "Moby Dick" wouldn't be a brilliant, timeless tale wrapped in about 700 pages of cumbersome snooze.

In our day and age, dependence on technology in all aspects of the writing process is pretty much the status quo.  So it's a matter of that delicate juggling act...again...that most of us have to do to get our masterpieces to a form that the world can read.

Or, we can bring back penmanship classes...

I'm doomed.

Now, while I waddle in my self loathing for my lack of penmanship skills, the rest of you GO FORTH AND WRITE!

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