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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not obsessing about sales while writing another novel!

Hello all!

So a friend of mine, Author Edie Ramer has had an amazing year of publishing and sales since she released her first novel, Cattitude.  I recently read an interview she did and something she said really jumped out at me.

Edie's advice to new authors who e-publish is to worry less about about promoting the book you've published and worry more about writing the next book.

As a person who recently e-published Lies in Chance last month, I have to say that I am OBSESSED about sales.  And I'm more obsessed about what I can do to boost sales.  (Let's just say I'm not quitting my job just yet.)  So every day I check sales on all three sites.

Amazon:  Buy Lies in Chance HERE

Barnes and Noble:  Nook readers buy Lies in Chance HERE!

Smashwords:  Sony users, and those who do not have electronic readers, buy Lies in Chance HERE!

And I worry that not I'm not doing enough to get the word out there.  I blog, I keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter, myspace, and email.  I'm doing a book signing for Dream in Color this coming weekend.  What else can a new author do?

Well, according to my friend Edie...the best thing I can do is WRITE THE NEXT BOOK!

Like most people, I'm very limited in the amount of time I have to spend writing, and all things writing.  And that time will be even more limited next week when I begin yet another new job.  (3rd shift...not a good fit.  I'm back to the 8-5 grind and I'm looking forward to it!)  What this means is that when I do sit down for author time, I can't be going from site to site worrying about sales that are or are not there.  I need to focus on the next book.

I think Edie's advice is good for us all.  I look at her success in the last year and the woman has done nothing but publish.  And she is rocking!  (And she now gets to do it full time I believe.)  So she is walking the walk and it's working for her.

It takes discipline because once you publish a book you want to know that everyone out there is reading it, loving it, leaving positive reviews on the sites so others will read it.  You almost have to put blinders on.  Publishing one thing doesn't mean you're done writing, does it?

So I'm struggling to ignore the websites.  I try to check no more than twice a week.  And I try not to be frustrated.  Meanwhile, I'm working on the next big thing, hoping that by getting a new title out there, my name and writing will be more readily recognized.

One more thing that helps all new authors:  Reader reviews.  If you read a book, and you liked it, ESPECIALLY if you liked Dream in Color or Lies in Chance, PLEASE  leave a reader review.  It's the only way a new author survives!  (Got a book out there...let me know.  I love reading, and I'm happy to read and leave reviews!)

Meanwhile....go forth and WRITE!

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