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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kickin' it old school...

Good morning!

So my book signing on Friday night was pretty great!  I'd forgotten, mostly because I sometimes avoid mass social contact, how fun it is to just talk to people, especially when I'm talking about one of my favorite topics:  My writing. 

It still amazes me, after three years of relentless marketing, just how many people that I know on a personal level do not know I'm an author.  So I guess, until every person I know owns a copy of my books, I'll be doing book signings!  (Do you hear that the darn books!  LOL!)

Anyway, yesterday I started yet another new job.  I have learned, in the past several weeks, that, from a writer's standpoint, I had the DREAM JOB, for a number of years.  I had a boss who didn't care if I wrote, played on facebook, built  a website, during the work day.  (Of course, he also didn't care about things like offering health insurance, giving me a raise, letting me use my vacation time, treating me with any sort of human respect...) 

What I'm getting at is that this job, more so than any other I've had, does NOT seem to appreciate computer use outside the very strict guidelines of the job.  So that's going to take some getting used to.  But what's really going to take some time for me is going back to my roots when it comes to writing. 

Yep, lunch and break times mean one thing now:  Opening a notebook and grabbing a pen.

It's how I started...back in school when I would write during a boring class, but in the computer age, I've become one of those who cannot seem to write if my flash drive isn't engaged.  I think many of us use the same excuse, don't we:  We can't write, we're not at our computer.

But that's not the case.  We can WRITE anywhere so long as we have a writing tool and something to write on.  I've written notes on church bulletins, (during the sermon...), on napkins, and once on a paper coffee cup.  Not my best edited stuff, to be sure, but writing that moved my book along.

So now, with the new job I will have to write when I have free moments and use the basic tools of the trade until I can get home and put it on the flash drive.  I'm not going to let this change in my schedule stop me, not a chance!

Now the rest of you...go forth and WRITE!

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  1. I can jot, doodle, whatnot in the margins of a notebook, but I haven't successfully written more than a sentence by hand in almost ten years. The keyboard just speaks to me, and I can type far faster than I can write.

    (And I can read it later, too.)

    When's the book tour coming to Cleveland?