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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Review you can Use: A Lonely Sky by Linda Schmalz

Good morning!

As promised, my friends, I'm going to give you the pure, unbiased opinion of a book.  If you've read my movie reviews in the past you know, I'm not about to steer you wrong.

A Lonely Sky by Linda Schmalz:    

At nineteen, Julia Steele's future seems bright. She has a steady and kind boyfriend, is enrolled in the college of her choice, and currently is on a two week tour of Germany. Enter Sam Lyons, a thirty- year- old, down-on-his-luck, handsome and charming British actor whom Julia falls for. They steal away to London for a brief love affair until Julia must return home. They promise to reunite in London in the fall. But when Sam encounters financial ruin and blackmail at the hands of the spoiled, misunderstood socialite Deirdre Lamont, he finds his only option is to marry her. At home in Chicago, Julia discovers herself pregnant with Sam's child. Devastated by Sam's marriage, and determined to keep her baby, she marries her high school boyfriend, who offers to raise the child as his own. Years later, Sam and Julia accidentally reunite in New York, and when misunderstandings clear, the flame of passion rekindles. But will Julia sacrifice her family for another chance to be with Sam? Will Deirdre tire of her ceaseless attempts to hold onto Sam, or finally give in to the one who truly loves her? When Sam is diagnosed with cancer, decisions become imperative.

Spanning twenty-six years in the intertwining lives of Julia, Sam, their friends and enemies, A Lonely Sky explores desperate choices and infinite emotions of the heart.

My friends, it isn't often we get to share something beautiful with others, but this is one of those moments for me. Author Linda Schmalz's first novel is a delicate mixture of romance, humor, and drama that holds you by the heartstrings and doesn't let go.  A Lonely Sky spans oceans, continents, and decades, yet the heartbreaks and triumphs of the main characters are as truthful as if they were your best friends, or you yourself.
Julia Steele and Sam Lyons' dramatic love story is the central focus, but no less important are the fully developed, and just as entertaining secondary characters lead by the unforgettable Dierdre Lamont.  The author breaks up the drama with perfectly placed light touches of humor.  Each of her characters is a living, breathing, fully functional human that could live right down the block from you..especially if you happen to live in the upper crust of English society
 A Lonely Sky is one of those rare novels that doesn't set out to change the world, or comment on society, and yet it does.  As you read this story, you'll find yourself unable to put it down.  When you reach the end with tearful satisfaction, I promise you, you will not forget this book or these characters. And in that, I think you will look around you and see things just a little bit differently.  I know I did.
I give this book a well deserved  four books out of four!  (Bring a hanky and read the book!)

A Lonely Sky is available at Smash words  (click on the title for the link.)  and will be available on Amazon very soon.  But you might win an e-copy here FREE if you leave a comment with your email address!  (You do NOT need an electronic reader to win.  Doesn't hurt, but you don't need it.  The book will be sent to you via email file.)


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