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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to post #200! Who wants a prize?

Good morning!

So here we #200. When a television show has their 200th episode, they have a cake and take pictures. I don't like having my picture taken, and I really shouldn't be eating cake, so instead, I'm doing this:

Since I began this blog, back in June of 2009, a lot has happened in my life as a writer.  Today I'd like to take a trip back and look at things.

Since June of 2009, my first novel, Dream in Color was published through The Wild Rose Press.  I've done a handful of book signings, something I never ever thought I'd do.  "Dream" has been a joy to market, to share, with friends old and new.  (There are some women in my church who have surprised me with their...enjoyment of a good old steamy romance!)

Since June of 2009, I've had the pleasure and privlidge of meeting several talented writers, published and unpublished.  The biggest moment in my writing career came the day I met J. A. Konrath at a conference.  I listened to him talk about publishing online and then I was blessed to sit next to him at a book signing.  My whole view of writing and publishing changed that day a year ago.

Since June of 2009, I've opened up my own website.  When I was a teen, starting my very first novel, I never imagined that someday I would be able to build my own website and broadcast myself to the globe. (The internet wasn't a thought back in 1982, at least not in central Wisconsin.)

Since June of 2009, I joined an amazing group of writers at Mad City Romance.  Having the support and learning from the collected knowledge of this very motivated group of men and women has made a big difference in how I write.  I am no longer alone in my basement putting words to paper that no one will hear.  I'm rubbing elbows with multi published authors who make a living doing what they love to do...tell stories.

Since June of 2009 I found a home for my first writing love..humor.  Writing on my humor blog gives me joy, and makes me laugh.  Since my hero, and the person I ached to emulate as a writer, Erma Bombeck, gave me so much joy as a kid, I'm delighted to have a platform where I can share my own crazy, funny, and totally normal life.  And, because you, my readers, have given me so much encouragement, I am going to move forward and actually publish a series of books full of my tales of fun, foolishness, and falling down.  I can't wait!

Since June of 2009, I've mentioned Rick Springfield in my posts 51 times.  My favorite favorite singer.  Coincidence?

Finally, the biggest thing that's happened since 2009, is that I've gained enough confidence in myself, and my writing to e-publish my second novel this summer.  Coming June 4, Lies in Chance, a book that could not find a home with any agent or publisher, and yet was loved by my beta readers.  Thanks to everything I learned in the last two years, and every person I've had the priviledge to meet, I will be able to publish the book I loved best, a book I never thought would see the light of day.  I can't wait to share it with you!

My friends, don't think for a moment that in the last two years I've become some sort of Internet whiz and that's how I was able to do all of this.  Those of you who have been reading this blog from the start  (thank you!) will recall just how goofy and amature my early days were.  It's taken two years, a lot of questions, and a lot of fumbling around to reach the level I'm at now, and I have a ways to go.  What I'm saying, friends, is that if having a website or managing a blog is what's holding you back from realizing your dream of publication...don't be afraid.  Jump out the bay door, and fly!  Don't worry about crashing...your parachute will open and you'll be okay!

So, for my 200th post...I have something special for my readers!  As a way of saying "THANK YOU!"  I'd like to enter you all into a little bit of a contest.  Here's what you need to do:

Read this post.

Leave a comment, including an email where I can reach you.

You'll be entered into a drawing for a FREE print copy of Dream in Color!

This contest will run from this moment, on May 24, until tomorrow, May 25, at 8 AM central Standard time.  That means you have 24 hours to leave a comment and get in the drawing!



  1. Glad I happened upon a fellow Rick Springfield lover! Can't wait til your second book comes out and am excited to read it!


  2. Mr. Palmer would love to read your book.