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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Once again...I'm dreaming of #51

Good Saturday morning!

Every once in a while, I get emails from folks who read my blog and are somehow moved by it.  (For the record...I NEVER stop loving hearing from folks who read my blog!)

Yesterday was fairly special for me because a new friend, Emma, contacted me.  She said some very nice things about my blog  (thank you Emma!) and then she shared something she's recently set forth on Accredited Online Colleges, a site that she manages.  This particular article caught my eye for two reasons:

1)  Gone With The Wind, my second favorite book, is prominently listed and I will pretty much read anything in which Gone with the Wind is listed.

2)  It's a list of 50 books, and, as you all know, 51 is my favorite number, AND I just happen to have written a book I think would look FABULOUS as #51.

Now, you can follow this link for 50 Quintessentially American Novels, and read this article.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially since I've read many of the books on the list and that made me feel smart! 

And who doesn't love feeling smart on a Saturday morning?

So go on, check out Emma's list of 50, and then, go and get yourself a copy of Dream in Color, (You can click on the picture of the book cover for purchase info...go ahead, do it.  I'll wait.....)  and read book #51!

Happy Saturday all!

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