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Monday, July 19, 2010

Well, it's not a rejection...I think!

Good morning!

Someone once said, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Sort of taking that attitude, a lot of writer friends I know believe that any response on writing, even a rejection, is a good thing. I suppose it along the line of thought, "Every 'no' brings you closer to a 'yes.'" Which was a mantra I learned while selling Partylite candles. (For the record, what I found was more like every no meant another no.)

As promised I submitted "Lies in Chance" to The Wild Rose Press last week. Maybe that's the home where it was supposed to be all along. I don't know. I know I've been pedaling various versions of this story for the last ten years to no avail and I'm at the point where I want to get it out there by any means possible. So if I my friends at The Wild Rose press like it, that's where it's going. Hey, "DReam in Color" has been having a pretty good run with them. (DO YOU HAVE YOUR COPY YET?)

So this morning there was an email in my in box from the Crimson Rose editor at Wild Rose. I wasn't expecting a response so quickly, and I figured, as has been my experience, that it would be a rejection. Not so.

The email itself was fairly criptic. The editor said she got the query and synopsis and I'd already been assigned an editor who would go over the review timeline.

Uh, what?

These are terms I'm not familiar with and for which I was not prepared!

So, my friends, I don't know what's what. I guess I'll see what this other editor has to say, and if they email me a contract like they did with Dream in Color.

The biggest issue I see for any romance publisher is the fact that Lies in Chance is really written less like a romance and more like a movie of the week. It reads like you would see a made for TV movie. Different scenes, different people's point of view. Traditional romance novels have two points of view max: Hers and His. Now, those of you who have read Dream in Color will know that that story is all in Ramona's point of View. (BTW, those of you who didn't know that...why don't you have your copy yet? Hmmmmmm?)

With Lies in Chance, it never was supposed to be a romance novel, not really. IT started out being a story about a young girl. But, the main character, Shara, grew up as I did. Of course, she stopped at 22. I, unfortunatley, did not. LOL!

So now I'm sort of in a weird place. It's not been rejected. I've received emails saying the synopsis has been received. And the wording in this most recent email gives me reason to hope.

Maybe. Hopefully....

On that note...the rest of you GO FORTH AND WRITE!

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