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Friday, June 11, 2010

I can only remove so much clothing, but you can always put on a sweater!

Good Friday afternoon!

So it's summer again in Wisconsin. I know this not by the fact that it was 40 and raining on Wednesday, because it does that a lot here in the Great Lakes region, but because two days later it's trying to hit 85 and HUMID!

Yes, less than 48 hours from wearing two sweatshirts and wishing hubby would kick on the furnace, I'm stripped down to the least amount of clothes a girl my size and age should wear.

The worst part, and this is a problem a lot of people have, is that I share and office with someone who is always, always, ALWAYS cold. I hold off turning on the AC as long as humanly possible on the days New Girl is here because I don't like making her miserable. And, she doesn't really complain in the winter when we NEVER turn on the heat because even in the dead of winter, the heat that radiates from other suites in this building keeps our little office at a comfortable 70 degrees.

But it's almost 85 out there, the sun is beating in my window, and it's dripping humidity. (Did I mention that it was 40 some 36 hours ago? And that was the daytime high!)

We all run across that person in our life who isn't temperature compatible with us. Maybe it's a spouse, (in which case, you're doomed), a friend, or a coworker. There's always someone who is melting hot in the dead of winter, (like me) or someone who is shivering in 80 degree weather (that would be my mother.) Unless you work and live in a complete bubble, you're going to run into this issue.

I'm going to solve it for you.

If you're cold: PUT ON A SWEATER. Even if you're not cold in your own home, if you know you're going someplace you know is cold, instead of whining about it, put on a sweater. (My friend Linda is always cold...she never goes anyplace in the summer without a sweater.)

See, for all you "coldies" you solution is simple. Throw on another layer. Throw on two if you must.

It's a little harder for those of us who are always hot. (I can't call myself a "hottie." Just can't do it!) See, we can only remove so much clothing. We can't actually slice away our protective layer of fat (And yes, Bossman has suggested I lose that weight so I wouldn't be hot all the time. Hey, I haven't always been heavy. But I've always been very warm.) and sometimes extra padding isn't always the reason. Some people are just hotter than others. (Rick Springfield comes to mind! LOL!)

So the battle of the thermostat will wage on, but you "Coldies" need to take it easy on us. Just because we like to have the AC on in the summer does not make us the reason oil prices go up. (Bossman informed me two summers ago that I was the reason crude was $90 a barrel, because I turned on the AC twice in the same week in July. Let's just ignore the fact that the heating bill in his THREE houses during the winter months is nearly equal to the GNP of New Zealand. I'm the reason oil is expensive.)

The alternative is we walk around naked. And no one wants that!

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